Excuses plus obesity equals more obesity

{What I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss andfitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.}

In our efforts to beat back obesity, we are faced with many obstacles.  Some, as being a single parent or working several jobs, are genuinely difficult to overcome. Many others however, are nothing more than excuses.

I recently wrote a posting on excuses.  Excuses, are our own internal rationalizations for not staying on track.  Often times, most excuses can be eliminated by proper planning and making minor adjustments.

To use me as an example, I currently teach an 8 a.m. class and I am in my office several nights a week until 7 p.m..  When will I have the time to get to the gym? Through proper planning and adjustments, I am able to juggle my schedule and workout daily.  In this case,  I arise at 4 a.m. and get to the gym by 5 a.m..  Problem solved.  Do I like it when the alarm goes off at 4 a.m.?  Not really, but once I am awake, I am off and exercising.

Another potential excuse, for me, is the fact that I do not like to run on a treadmill. However, I don’t like to run in snow, ice or darkness either, because at this point in my life, I can’t afford a preventable injury.  So, if for some reason the whether or time doesn’t cooperate, I could use that as an excuse not to get my run in.  How do I overcome it?  Easy, after I am done with the weights, I head upstairs and get my buttocks on the treadmill.  What I may desire is irrelevant.  Yes,  my preference may be to run outside, but because of my time constraints and the hour I wake up, I make my adjustment, suck it up and get on the treadmill.  The excuse is negated.

Enablers are those around us who impede our efforts. These enablers are often times those who do not understand what it takes to drop a large amount of weight — or, they are simply lazy.

The prime tool of the enabler is probably the most harmful.  It is creating the myth of the difficulty factor, when in fact — there is no difficulty.

Yet, the saboteurs are out there whispering in your ear:

Why are you doing this?

It is just too hard.

Why not just give it up?

When in fact they are completely untrue.

I was taken to task over my claim that it is easy to lose weight and get in shape.  Not only is it easy, but my point was you must tell yourself that it is easy.  I expand upon in my book, Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss, that by consistently reinforcing the premise that it is easy, you will convince your own brain of that fact.  This helps with the mental energy that is so important in recapturing your health.

However, the enabler in this case, used an unfair comparison concerning their artistic ability.  The point was, while it comes easy to them, it may not come easy to someone else.  This analogy, of using an inherent gift, as compared to disciplining one’s self is akin to the proverbial apples and oranges.

I have an ability to take thoughts and ideas and express them via the spoken and written word.  It does come relatively easy to me, however, I would never claim that it is easy for someone else.

Body remodeling is a different story and the proof is in the pudding.  I have had many clients who have adopted my approach relate to me that they have never experienced such success.  They all say the same thing; “I can’t believe how easy it is to do!” The fact is that if you implement my eating plan, exercise regime and mental energy reinforcements, in the absence of an underlying condition, you will lose weight and get fit.

As I have been quoted many times; “I don’t know if I am going to live longer, but I am living better!” If  you too desire to live better quality of live  —-  dump the excuses and shun the enablers.


Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the book Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss.

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  1. Dr. Leonardi, you are correct in talking about Rush Limbaugh frequently but it would be interesting to hear your input on other personalities who might be perceived as “big”, this Governor Christie from Jersey seems to be popular and ever so often I watch Ed Schultz on MSNBC as well. Nothing political here, I just find it interesting to talk about these public figures and politicians and I know Arkansas Governor or former Governor Mike Huckabee as well is known to have lost a hundred pounds of weight or something like that, I forget exactly now. I’m not sure if Christie is big or obese or ??< I haven't seen him that much and I don't want to judge someone prematurely.

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