Negative Attitude Equals Negative Results

I wrote the below posting a while back.  I was reminded of the detriment of negative energy recently listening to local talk jock WILK’s Steve Corbett.  I began listening to his show again when there was an interesting news story happening.  Since WILK is the only local news/talk station in NEPA, my options for afternoon listening are limited to one.  Unfortunately, I fell back into the habit of regular listening.

Well, it didn’t take long for my friends to notice a definite change in my end of day mood.  I wake up at 4 a.m. and I am in the gym by 5.  After my workout I teach and then I am in my office until 7 p.m. most nights.  I just assumed that the long days were getting to me, but then I remembered what I had been doing differently — I was listening to the Steve Corbett talk show.

Since I am between my office and patients during office hours,  I usually hear a good portion of the show.  Four hours of listening to how awful the world is, how bad people are and how sorry our lot in life is can drain even the most positive people.  Then again, most positive people probably would not or do not give Steve Corbett a second thought.

As many times as I have told people or done it myself, it never ceases to amaze me the power of cutting negative influences from your life.  It really should be a no brainer. Negativity begets negativity thus producing overall negative results.  Listening to Steve Corbett, a person who is obviously so angry at his life and wants his listeners to be just as miserable as he,  will eventually have a negative effect.

I have advised people to get negative people out of their lives.  However, that is not always easily accomplished in personal relationships — but it is easy when it comes to negative people whom you invite into your lives via the airwaves  —- change the station or switch off the radio.


Life is lived in color, but sometimes the answers remain black and white. 

Aloha, Ciao and Stay Healthy,


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For over three and half years I maintained a 130 pound weight loss, then last year I lost my way and found a relapse in obesity. I am discussing my battle with recidivism.

**************The information, advice and opinions contained herein is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or disorder. The posting and videos do not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions No guarantees are made or to be implied.***********

Obesity Undone, is available in both paperback and kindle versions at

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The Chiropractic Wellness Center @ Leonardi Family Chiropractic Office

Leonardi Chiropractic Wellness Center

@ Leonardi Family Chiropractic Office

For those that do not have an injury but are still interested in sustaining their fitness; Doctor Joe Leonardi has introduced a new level of health maintenance; The Chiropractic Wellness Center at Leonardi Family Chiropractic.

Has injury, pregnancy or a hectic schedule caused you to gain weight?

Have you been saying that you need to get in shape?

Are you an athlete that desires peak performance?

Do you have annoying stiffness or body aches?

Do you want to lose weight?

Is your job labor intensive?

With the above questions in mind, Dr. Joe Leonardi has decided to serve his community by creating the Chiropractic Wellness Center @ Leonardi Family Chiropractic.  Taking his years in practice combined with his experience as the team Chiropractor for many of the areas professional and semi-professional sports organizations, Dr. Leonardi will help you stay well.

The Wellness Center’s primary focus is to provide Wellness attention for non-injury, day-to-day activities. For $30.00 per month or approximately one or two insurance co-payments, you will receive Chiropractic Wellness Attention from Doctor Joe Leonardi.

Call today

(570) 760-6121
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Embrace Wellness at the Leonardi Chiropractic Wellness Center

Contact Us Today

Phone (570) 760-6121


What is included at the Chiropractic Wellness Center:

-General screening  which includes:

-Blood Pressure

-Pulse Rate

-Chiropractic palpatory examination

-As needed, unlimited Chiropractic Adjustments

-Hot and cold pack adjunctive therapy

-Weight loss and nutritional counseling, which includes:

-Eating plan

-Exercise routine

-Initial weigh in

-Weekly weigh ins

-Initial body fat analysis

-Monthly body fat monitoring

-Initial weight loss consultation

-Weekly consultations

-Motivational tips to saying focused

-Exercise plans; with instruction

-10% discount on the book Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss

Your insurance will NOT be billed for the above services

What is NOT included:

-Acute Care Treatment for any injury; i.e. automobile accident, worker’s compensation injury, personal injury, sports injury

-Acute Care Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

-Adjunctive Physical Rehabilitation

-Adjunctive Therapies: ultrasound, mechanical traction, neuromuscular reeducation, soft tissue manipulation

-Expert Testimony

-Diagnostic services

-Physical, orthopedic and neurological examinations

-Other service not specifically outlined above

*The Wellness Center is NOT a replacement for health insurance.  If you have an injury and require acute care treatment, you or your insurance will be billed accordingly for evaluation and treatment.

Why Weight Loss Surgery?

On Facebook I noticed one of by friends’ post a picture of a huge burger, covered in cheese and wrapped in lettuce in lieu of a bun.  I thought for sure this was a fellow low carber, but it was someone who had a type of weight loss surgery.  I was confounded.  Why the surgery?  I could eat this way every day and lose weight and remain fit.

Why allow a surgeon to unnecessarily compromise your body?

Why take the risks associated with any surgery?

Why do any of it when getting fit is easy?

Back in 2005 my life seemed to be on a great track.  I had a good marriage, my business was successful and I had announced my intent to run for Congress.  The only drawback was that I was carrying around too much weight.  So,  I resumed my low carb eating, started working out and was going to get back in shape. Then in August of that year something happened to change everything — it was a day that changed my life. My then wife and I were eating out and I began to choke on my food.  In a panic, I ran outside to the parking lot desperately attempting to dislodge the the chunk of meat stuck in my throat.   Eventually the food broke free and I was fine.

For several days I was cautious about eating anything too solid.   Eventually I tried to eat again and there was a sensation that something was stuck in my throat.  This occurred several times before I decided to get checked out.  I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor close to my office and he diagnosed me with acid reflux.

Acid reflux?  I wasn’t too sure.  I didn’t have any signs or symptoms, but he assured me because he saw redness in my throat. He put me on the little purple pill.

For the next few weeks my condition continued to worsen, to the point that I couldn’t eat anything other than ice cream.  Not exactly low carb, but it was really the closest thing to solid food I could eat without experiencing a choking sensation.

I returned to the E.N.T several times and was given the run around.  I guess because I was concerned about my health, I believe I was labeled a problem patient.  I later found out it was that they thought the problem was in my head.  They eventually had a gastroenterologist consult and did an upper endoscopy.    The upper endoscopy did NOT show any signs of acid reflux.  I had a copy of the report sent to my office and the G.I. doctor basically stated that my problem was in my head.

I was infuriated.  This had been going on for months.  I was  not improving and much in my life was beginning to suffer.  I took matters into my own hands and ordered a scan of my throat and did a blood work including an IG profile.   Sure enough there was an abnormality.  I had unilateral tonsillitis secondary to mononucleosis.  The opening in my throat was reduced to seven (7)  millimeters.

The cause was found.  You would think that would be the end of the story.

I went to Philadelphia because the presentation indicated a small chance of cancer.  I had the surgery the week before Thanksgiving and I was on the mend.  Then on Thanksgiving morning I had a small bleed.  I had it checked and all seemed okay.  Yet, three weeks after surgery I was still unable to eat.  Another issue was that I had been consistently running a 102 degree fever.  I had it under control and I informed my doctor by phone and he said it probably wasn’t anything to worry about.  I went back to the Philadelphia and the E.N.T. doctor stated that all was good and the full throat feeling was in my head. I asked him about the fever that was still present.  Even though he did NOT take my temperature, he told me he believed it was psychosomatic.

I was so tired and malnourished at that point that I listened to what I was told and made an appointment with the trauma Psychiatrist who diagnosed me with, are you ready for this one —- post traumatic stress disorder.  I was put on a combination of Paxil and Xanax.  At this point there was conflict in my marriage and my business was beginning to fall apart;  a situation which, to this day, has not recovered.

After about a month on this concoction of psycho-pharmaceuticals  I was no better off.  Finally, I had enough.  I stopped the medications and ordered another scan of my throat.  The good news was that I now had thirty one  (31) millimeter opening.  The bad news; my swollen, inflamed and enlarged uvula was hanging all the way down to my larynx giving the sensation that I was choking.  My friend took my temperature and you guessed it — 102.  He looked in my throat and noted the redness and swelling.  He asked me how long I had the fever.  I told him since Thanksgiving, it was now February.  He told me I had sepsis and his next words I will never forget, Joseph, why aren’t you dead?

He made sure I got appropriate care and within a week I was back to eating normal foods.  Unfortunately, these events were the precipitating factor in a downward spiral.  I was unable to raise any significant money for my campaign and the money I had set aside was being eaten up keeping my practice afloat.  Not being a quitter I hung in the race but that meant reduced focus on my business.  I was wracked with anger and anxiety, so much so that eventually my marriage fell apart.

My life had spiraled out of control and I turned to food for comfort and insulation.  I cared for little more than taking care of my patients and eating and eating and eating.  One day in March 2008, I took stock in what I had allowed to happen to my person.  I stopped the excuses and took a good hard look at myself.

I was obese, slovenly and out of shape.  I had fought so hard not to die from what had happened, that I had begun to slowly kill myself with food and inactivity.

All of this stemmed from a medical chain of  errors, culminating with a post-op infection, from what is regarded as a relatively minor surgical procedure.  Why would anyone willingly put themselves through a procedure with much greater risk, potential life altering side effects and after going through all that, still has a rate of recidivism?

Take control of you own personal life.  You can control what you eat.  You can control how much exercise you get.  The benefits of discipline and self-control far outweigh the risks of surgical procedures.

You can do it; the first step is to believe that you can!


Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.


Obesity Questions and Answers

Questions, Questions, Questions:

In my quest to end obesity I have been asked many, many questions — here are a few, with my answers.

Q. How many years do you think losing all that weight will add to your life?

A. I don’t know and I don’t care.  I did not get back in shape to live longer, I did it to live better.

Q.  Did you have surgery?

No. No drugs, no surgery, no gimmicks.

Q. What was your motivation?

A. Plain and simple I was tired of being fat.  Unless you have been obese you really don’t understand the self-imposed limitations on your life.  Can you imagine going into a restaurant or diner and praying that a table is open, because you can not fit in a booth?!? Or walking up a flight of stairs and stopping half way to catch your breath? How about taking a flight somewhere and wondering if you are going to to spill over into

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) wit...

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, side view.Self Made Picture of an Obese Teenager (Myself) (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, Front View. Feel Free to use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the next seat and  inconvenience the poor person next to you, or worse yet, be forced to purchase an extra seat?  Obese people who say that they are happy the way they are, are full of it.  Take it from me, I was morbidly obese, I was fat, as I have stated I made Shamu look svelte — I was not happy.

Q. What is the secret?

A. There is no secret just:

Desire! Determination! Discipline!

Q. If there is no secret then why have a weight loss business?

A. To motivate others who share my past problem conquer theirs and to help others have a better quality of life and perhaps in the process SAVE a few lives.

Q. Is Fat Then Fit Now, part of your practice? Do you accept insurance?

A. No to both. Fat Then Fit Now is a motivational entity designed to get people started and succeed in regaining health and developing fitness. It is recommended that anyone utilizing Fat Then Fit Now have a thorough medical examination prior to beginning.

Q. Which web-site for information do you visit the most often.

A. Jimmy Moore’s site is the gold standard for low carb information on the web. If the research has been done, Jimmy has posted it on his site. His in-depth interviews are available on his podcasts.

Q. When do you plan to start the online version of Fat Then Fit Now?

A. I am planning  a relaunch of for May of 2011,  however I have taken on a clients at my office, as my schedule permits. Anyone interested can contact me via e-mail

Q. Will you accept children as well as adults as clients?

A. Yes.  The childhood obesity rate is alarming.  Something needs to be done; Now!

Q. How do you feel that the current Surgeon General of the United States is overweight?

A. I don’t like it. I think we need to set examples. I have the same opinion about celebrities like Kevin Smith and politicians who don’t have the discipline to control themselves.

Q. You seem to be harsh and  unyielding at times; Why?

A. Because, excuses and excuse makers are enablers. We have a serious problem, one that can’t be solved by being weak.

Q.  In your local area, who do you consider to be the biggest enemy of the state of good health and why?

A. WILK’s Talk Jock Steve Corbett.  He advocates a supposedly healthy dietary lifestyle (which is anything but)  and talks as if he actually is informed on the topic.  However, he shills for a lot of unhealthy food merchants.  If one is going to advocate healthy eating, which he does, even though it really isn’t, — then why would one promote health robbing, obesity encouraging foods and establishments?

Q. When are you going to write a book?

A. I did and it is available in e-book and paper back versions, you can find the links at

Q. Besides your own; what books do you recommend?

A.  Either book by Gary Taubes; Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, Jimmy Moore’s; 21 Life Lessons, Deborah Montalto Piffer’s; Kicking Diabetes Ass and Dr. Robert Su’s; Carbohydrates Can Kill


Physical Culturist and Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book, “Obesity Undone” and a contributor to He is available to appear on any talk radio, internet podcast or television outlet. His web site is available to help you reach your goals.

He has appeared on 94.3FM’s The David Maderia Show, Bounce Back to Your Brilliance w/Angel Tyree, What’s Weighing You Downw/Dr. Marilyn Gansel on FTNS radio, Nurture and Nutrition on Blog Talk Radio, Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends, BlogTalk Radio’s Toni Harris Speaks, Internet Radio: Cathie’s Talking, TV -35′s Storm Politics with Tiffany Cloud, WILK’s The Sue Henry Show, Magic 93′s Frankie In The Morning, WBRE’s PA Live, SSPTV’s News 13, Public Television WVIA’s State of Pennsylvania and Call the Doctor; Entercom’s Outlook on Northeast PA with Shadoe Steele, Citadel Broadcasting’s Sunday Magazine with Brian Hughes, Lisa Davis’ Your Health Radio; Hank Garner’s Podcast, Dr. Robert Su’s Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast; and the one and only Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast.
Dr. Joe Leonardi also will come and speak to your group; to learn more about his motivational speaking fees and availability contact him at and check out his website
************The information in the videos is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or disorder. The posting that I write do not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.************

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Please Do Not Become An Obesity Victim

The horrific tragedies in Japan started me thinking and reflecting.

In my Navy days I visited Japan on several occasions.  I have fond memories of both the country and the people.  Those I was honored to have met possessed a strong character and an incredible work ethic.  They demonstrated  a widespread respect for people and an apparent dislike for personal weakness.  Those I had become acquainted with were not excuse makers; they were doers.  Although currently,  they are genuine victims of horrific natural and now man-made disasters, with incredible resolve they are taking the steps necessary to deal with their very real adversity.

Observing their strength led me to think about the victim mentality so prevalent here in our own country. There are those that are merchants of victim-hood whose sole goal is to convince others that they are victims and that they need to:

-One; blame someone

-Two; rely on someone else to relieve their victim status

Locally, WILK Newsradio’s talk jock Steve Corbett is a classic example of victim-hood peddling.  Utilizing desperation, delusion and demagoguery he attempts to convince people that their lot in life is the result of one group and their salvation is in the hands of another group.

What would drive someone to knock the downtrodden further down?

When did we lose the inner power of the Rugged American Individual?

What does any of this have to do with weight loss or fitness?  Perhaps nothing, but more than likely — everything.

I started wondering about differences between true victims and people who are convinced to become victims.  Concerning obesity, this victim mentality comes from movements like the Fat Acceptance Movement or Fat Rights groups. These organizations want people to feel victimized because of their choices.  I emphasize, I am not referring to those whose obesity is caused by a genuine underlying medical condition. I am speaking with those who do not take the appropriate steps to control their weight and fitness levels, yet wish to take control.

I have heard more excuses than I can recall as to why one is obese and out of shape.  I used many of those same excuses myself. There must come a time when you look in the mirror an accept responsibility for your current physical condition.  Yes, there is some general, genuine blame to go around:

-Dr. Ancel  Keys

George McGovern, in Congress

Image via Wikipedia

-Senator George McGovern

-The U.S.D.A. Food Pyramid

-And others I’m sure

However, blaming others only increases your victimization.  By placing blame, you also are looking for someone else to fix the problem.  Here is the cold, hard reality.  You are responsible for gorging on the foods you should not eat. You are responsible for not getting up and moving around.  You, and only you, are responsible to improve your condition.

I understand how hard, cruel and unfair life is.  Much of my life is collapsing around me.  Not to go into specifics, but things in a good part of my world are not good.  If not for the mental discipline that allowed me to take control of my physical condition and weight, I can only imagine how much worse matters would be.

It is the strength of my mind, combined with the healthiness of my body that will not allow my legs to collapse under the crushing weight of the world upon my shoulders.  We are capable of commanding only one factor in life — ourselves.  So, take charge and don’t allow anyone to manipulate you into a becoming a victim of obesity.


Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.


Targeting Obesity Is About Much More Than Losing Weight; It Is A Life Beyond Weight Loss

A life beyond weight loss is the subtitle of my book Fat Then Fit Now. My approach goes beyond simply losing weight. Anyone can lose weight if they do one of several radical options that are available. The most radical, in my opinion, being surgery. I can’t imagine undertaking the risks of anesthesia, infection, surgical error, after care error, possible malabsorption syndrome and a myriad of other risks including a death rate of either;  1 in 500, 1 in 200 or 1 in 50 depending on the source.


Image via Wikipedia

I completely understand the desperation that comes with obesity. I tipped the scales at a God awful three hundred and forty pounds. I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes, climb a flight of stairs or fit into a movie theater seat. I suffered from elevated blood pressure, respiration and pulse rate readings. I was visiting the emergency room with chest pains every few months.

A vicious cycle was in place. I was fat because I ate too much and to comfort my lonely, pathetic, inactive life I ate and ate and ate. Hell, I snacked from the moment I got out of bed in the morning until the moment I returned to bed in the evening. I only paused from snacking to partake in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I was completely out of control.

What was worse was that at three hundred and forty pounds — I was still gaining weight. Who knows where my continued increase in fat stores would have led me had I not decided to take control of my life.

I have said it before, I will say it again and again. Unless you have an underlying medical or hormonal condition, obesity is controllable.

It is up to us to take control. We must decide to go from fat to fit and then, go out and do it.

Even in the raging political debate over healthcare reform, the politicians have staked out the position that it is all about care. None of them debate our country’s failing personal health. To them it is much easier to stir the populace, exploit fear and divide the people only on how to pay for care. Not a single, solitary one of them has the guts to discuss one of the primary means to reduce health care costs; self-control.  It is projected that 43% of U.S. adults will become obese and they will cost the U.S. health care system $344 Billion annually.

However, with all that said, I chose to not simply lose weight. As I stated in the first paragraph, anyone can lose weight. I set out to restore my health. That is what we need to focus on, that is what life beyond weight loss is all about.

In our quest, we must ignore the conventional wisdom that utilizes the food pyramid to dictate what we should eat. The food pyramid is flawed for its primary reliance on carbohydrate saturated foods. Basic physiology tells us that carbohydrates not immediately shunted to provide energy are converted to fat and stored in the adipose cells of the body. What is the result? Hastened obesity.

The time is now to make smart decisions and retrain yourself that food is not for pleasure, comfort or something to do while watching television. Food is plainly and simply fuel. Yet, the Fat Then Fit Now approach incorporates planned splurges, because as educated as we become — we can’t deny that food tastes good. So via a system of proper eating, exercise and energy you become the master of your appetite and tastes — they no longer master you.

The Fat Then Fit Now approach incorporates smart exercise, combining principles of endurance conditioning and progressive resistance training to turn your body into a fat burning machine. I don’t advocate hours of senseless aerobic activity to burn off the excess carbohydrates you have consumed in the hopes that you finally get to stored body fat. My approach forces the body to rely on body fat for fuel, resulting in excess lard disappearing from one’s frame.

Through the use of positive mental energy approaches to remain focused, you become aware that losing weight is not difficult and exercise is not an arduous complex chore.

Finally, you will start to do more than simply exist from day-to-day. You will start to live an active, healthful life because you now possess the proper physical conditioning to go out and participate in the activities you have so long watched other enjoy!


Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.

Gary Taubes is Correct and Wrong Concering Exercise.

Cover of

Cover of Good Calories, Bad Calories

I was on Jimmy Moore’s Facebook page and blog where I learned of science writer and author of the books; Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat: and what to do about it, among other books, was recently on the Dr. Oz show.  Since I work when the show airs, I watched the online version of the show.

The show was interesting and  I thought Gary held his own and made his points in the allotted time.  I am sure it was edited for broadcast to fit the time frame, so I am willing to bet that we missed quite a bit.  I did find Dr. Oz to be closed minded and really out of his league when discussing low carbohydrate eating.  I will post more bout this at a later time when I have a chance to view the episode again.

What concerned me was the on-line exclusive discussion concerning exercise.  Gary Taubes is correct; you do not need to incorporate exercise to lose weight.  I will not dispute this fact.  If an obese person follows a low carbohydrate eating plan — that person will lose weight.  No and, if or buts about it.

However, is that really the best way to accomplish the goal?

More importantly, should weight loss be the sole goal?

Tthe answer to both questions is a resounding no!

In my book, in columns that I have written and interviews I have given; I am fond of saying that weight loss is a side effect of fitness.  Not because fitness is the way to lose weight, but because the goal is not weight loss — the actual goal is physical fitness.

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked about lose skin from losing over one hundred pounds or how can one maintain their weight loss and the big one;  I thought once I lost weight I would feel better, but I don’t.

The answer to all of the above is exercise.  The problem is the general view of what exactly is exercise.

Exercise must contain both progressive resistance and endurance exercise.  People must stop thinking aerobic or cardiovascular exercise.  Those terms limit the scope of thought, the type of exercise and of course, the results.

Gary Taubes made the comment that exercising will actually cause a person to eat more by “Working up an appetite.”

To those of us who exercise regularly and follow a low carb eating plan, we can attest that we may have an increase in hunger.  However, since low carb eating doesn’t concern itself with overall quantity of food, this is not a big deal.  That mindset should only apply to those that follow calorie restricted diets.

The other factor is that when one follow an exercise program that incorporates both progressive resistance training and endurance exercises, that person will actually crave the foods that will promote muscle repair, proteins, that will actually assist in  fat loss.

My concern about Mr. Taubes so adamantly opposing exercise is that it will just give the lazy an excuse not to exercise.  Without exercise, one limits their overall enjoyment of life.

As I have said before;  weight loss and fitness are not about living longer; they are about living better.

Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.