Fat Then Fit Now Questions Answered

In my quest to end obesity I have been asked many, many questions — here are a few, with my answers.

Q. How many years do you think losing all that weight will add to your life?

A. I don’t know and I don’t care.  I did not get back in shape to live longer, I did it to live better.

Q.  Did you have surgery?

No. No drugs, no surgery, no gimmicks.

Q. What was your motivation?

A. Plain and simple I was tired of being fat.  Unless you have been obese you really don’t understand the self-imposed limitations on your life.  Can you imagine going into a restaurant or diner and praying that a table is open, because you can not fit in a booth?!? Or walking up a flight of stairs and stopping half way to catch your breath? How about taking a flight somewhere and wondering if you are going to to spill over into

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the next seat and  inconvenience the poor person next to you, or worse yet, be forced to purchase an extra seat?  Obese people who say that they are happy the way they are, are full of it.  Take it from me, I was morbidly obese, I was fat, as I have stated I made Shamu look svelte — I was not happy.

Q. What is the secret?

A. There is no secret just:

Desire! Determination! Discipline!

Q. If there is no secret then why have a weight loss business?

A. To motivate others who share my past problem conquer theirs and to help others have a better quality of life and perhaps in the process SAVE a few lives.

Q. Is Fat Then Fit Now, part of your practice? Do you accept insurance?

A. No to both. Fat Then Fit Now is a motivational entity designed to get people started and succeed in regaining health and developing fitness. It is recommended that anyone utilizing Fat Then Fit Now have a thorough medical examination prior to beginning.

Q. Which web-site for information do you visit the most often.

A. Jimmy Moore’s site is the gold standard for low carb information on the web. If the research has been done, Jimmy has posted it on his site. His in-depth interviews are available on his podcasts.

Q. When do you plan to start the online version of Fat Then Fit Now?

A. I am planning  a relaunch of www.FatThenFitNow.com for July  of 2011,  however I have taken on a clients at my office, as my schedule permits. Anyone interested can contact me via e-mail FatThenFitNow@me.com

Q. Will you accept children as well as adults as clients?

A. Yes.  The childhood obesity rate is alarming.  Something needs to be done; Now!

Q. Do you take those who have had failed gastric by-pass surgeries.

A. Yes, I do.  The rate of failure of these surgeries is alarming.  I have recently begun accepting clients of failed bariatric surgeries.

Q. How do you feel that the current Surgeon General of the United States is overweight?

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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A. I don’t like it. I think we need to set examples. I have the same opinion about celebrities like Kevin Smith, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore and politicians who don’t have the discipline to control themselves.

Q. You seem to be harsh and  unyielding at times; Why?

A. Because, excuses and excuse makers are enablers. We have a serious problem, one that can’t be solved by being weak.

Q.  In your local area, who do you consider to be the biggest enemy of the state of good health and why?

A. WILK’s Talk Jock Steve Corbett.  He advocates a supposedly healthy dietary lifestyle (which is anything but)  and talks as if he actually is informed on the topic.  However, he shills for a lot of unhealthy food merchants.  If one is going to advocate healthy eating, which he does, even though it really isn’t, — then why would one promote health robbing, obesity encouraging foods and establishments?

Q. When are you going to write a book?

A. I did and it is available in e-book and paper back versions, you can find the links at www.FatThenFitNow.com

Q. Besides your own; what books do you recommend?

Cover of

Cover of Good Calories, Bad Calories

A.  Either book by Gary Taubes; Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, Jimmy Moore’s; 21 Life Lessons, Deborah Montalto Piffer’s;Kicking Diabetes Ass and Dr. Robert Su’s; Carbohydrates Can Kill


Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.

He is available to speak  to any school, association or group. He will make himself available to any talk radio, internet podcasting or television outlet. He has appeared on Public Television WVIA’s State of Pennsylvania and Call the Doctor; 94.3 FM’s Tough Talk With Joe Peters; Lisa Davis’ Your health radio; Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast; Hank Garner’s Podcast.