Podcast: More on Childhood Obesity

In today’s Podcast, Chiropractor Doc Joe Leonardi, once again discusses childhood obesity.  He talks about Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama.  He notes prominet low carb people Gary Taubes, Jimmy Moore, Hank Garner and Dr. Robert Su.

He also covers political leaders he plans to contact next year, names include Governor Tom Corbett, Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and Congressman Lou Barletta.

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Michelle Obama and Childhood Obesity

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Much like Nancy Reagan whose Just Say Nocampaign went after children and drug use, Mrs. Obama has chosen a child centered issue to tackle. That issue is the very real problem of childhood obesity.

Similarly, like  Mrs. Reagan’s campaign being ridiculed for “Just Say No” being a little too simplistic, Mrs. Obama’s  use of the phrase “A National Security Threat” is now being ridiculed for being too extreme. So let’s agree, “Just Say No” was too simple and “A National Security Threat” is too extreme, can we now move away from rhetoric and focus on the actual issue?

There is no denying that childhood obesity is a serious national health issue. I don’t think there is any rational thinking person out there who can deny there is a problem with our children’s expanding waistlines.

Type II diabetes, a condition formerly known as adult onset diabetes, is showing up in children as young as 12 years old, hypertension is making appearances in teenagers and  I have personally seen young adults with degenerative arthritis in their low backs and knees that I would expect to see in people in their 60’s.

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The above are all obesity related issues once unheard of in children. Yes, Michelle Obama has used some over-the-top terminology to wake the country up and start a conversation. On that note, she has been successful. However, instead of understanding the issue and positively contributing to resolving it, she is receiving  ridicule from prominent conservatives Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

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The biggest concern I have is that she is using the horrendous food pyramid as a guide to instructing children on proper eating. I get it, she is part of the government establishment that promotes that erroneous information, but at least she is using her high-profile position to shine a light on a very troubling and health robbing issue.

The President and the Congress have made a step in the right direction by instituting changes to the school meal program. The garbage which now passes for meals will be improved. However, for those of us that are low carbohydrate advocates, it is far from perfect, but it is a start.

Thankfully, folks like Gary Tabues, Jimmy Moore, Hank Garner, Dr. Robert Su and other prominent low carbohydrate advocates are making public the research that clearly demonstrates the superior health benefits of low carb eating. In time, that knowledge and information will make its way to those in power and further improve the content of school meals.

Until then, can we cut the first lady a little slack? She is advocating eating fresh fruits and vegetables. She is pushing for more activity among our youth. She is shining a light on a genuine public health issue. She is actually doing something her husband is not doing when it comes to the health care debate. She is putting the primary focus on health instead of care.

Enemies of the State of Health and Fitness 12/10/2010

Chiropractor and Author Doc Joe Leonardi presents


This week’s Enemies of the State of Good Health!

A list some people, entities, groups, and  organizations that I believe are a detriment to the battle against obesity

Sarah Palin

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This week’s headliner is former Vice-presidential candidate, former Governor, soon to be former reality television show star and now, current enemy of the state of  good health, Sarah Palin.  The Tea Party mega-fundraiser went on the attack against  my home state of Pennsylvania‘s board of education. Momma grizzly wasn’t too happy that the board was proposing an initiative to battle our growing childhood obesity problem.  She was actually taken aback, simply because they had the audacity to suggest we educate children on the merits of limiting junk food consumption.  She, as is her style, used sound bite phraseology such as, “Nanny State Nutrition,” or “School Cookie Ban” in some no brain attempt to belittle sound policy.  Sarah Palin has been trying to shake the impression that she isn’t that bright, well, vocalizing stupidity probably isn’t the best way to do that.

I have written politically in support of her, but on this issue, she is so far off base — that she wouldn’t be able to see the moon from her back porch let alone the writing on the blackboard.

A school’s primary function is to educate children.  So, Mrs. Palin, what is wrong with educating them about proper eating habits?  The over-consumption of refined junk carbs is what is ballooning our children’s abdomens and leading right to type II diabetes.  Come on Sarah, you are an avid runner (even appearing in Runner’s World magazine) and obviously a fit individual — really, do you have to attack good policy to garner a little extra air time?

If Mrs. Palin can’t see the problem for what it is, she needs to educate herself on the growing problem in our country.  If she isn’t willing to tackle solvable problems, then may I suggest Sarah stick to reality television and the Faux News Network.

Marilyn vos Savant

The uber-intellectal columnist of fluff filled Parade Magazine has made my list because she is a  propagator of the greatest misconception in weight loss and weight maintenance — “All calories are created equal.” The supposed superior intellect of Sunday insert fame has recently written that a calorie is a calorie and weight loss is nothing more than calories in; calories out.

Anyone who has successfully battled and beaten obesity utilizing the low carb lifestyle is well aware of  how wrong this ignorant concept is.

In her uninformed writing, Ms. vos Savant, has demonstrated that being smart isn’t about an IQ test or education.  She dropped the ball and misinformed all of her devoted readers.  If they listen to her words of non-wisdom — they will follow them directly down the path of weight loss failure.

The Food Network

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Where to begin with this abomination?  From the abundance of obese food stars to programing that focuses on sweets and the over-consumption of such, the Food Network is a major promoter of fatness.  There are so many subcategories within this single entity that I will list them individually in the future.  For today, let’s just say, if you are concerned with good health and fitness, do NOT tune into the Food Network.