Michelle Obama’s “Splurge” Meal Maelstrom

Michelle Obama with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

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Even though I don’t agree with the First Lady’s dietary suggestions, nor her personal use of cleanses, for improving health and defeating obesity, I commend her efforts, especially her let’s move initiative.  Sixty minutes a day of physical activity for children, hell for adults as well,  is something we should all strive to attain.  Get the children moving and they will not only increase their wellness and fitness, but they will more than likely no longer crave unhealthy foods.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

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Unfortunately, the First Lady is beholden to push the fat storing USDA’s food pyramid or as it is now known the MyPlate Program.  It is flawed on many levels, arguably most importantly on its reliance of starchy carbohydrates as the primary meal choice. Alas, the difficulty of being the spouse of a politician is that you must put politics above sound judgement and participate in the special interest pandering that propels your spouses political bank accounts.

The media has reported, and media opponents of the President have seized upon, the First Lady’s meal choice at a newly opened Shake Shack in Washington, D.C..  Of course Rush “Rotund” Limbaugh and Sean “Soft Around the Middle” Hannity jumped all over the story calling Mrs. Obama a hypocrite.

In my book; FAT THEN FIT NOW; A LIFE BEYOND WEIGHT LOSS, I actually encouraged planned “splurge” meals. Food is one of the great joys of life and since I eat properly and exercise vigorously to enjoy life, once in a while, a little loosening of eating discipline isn’t going to sabotage my overall fitness. I emphasize in the book that this must be thought out and done only occasionally and that you must be vigilant not to fall back into old habits that will not only rob you of your progress, but destroy your health and wellness.

Let’s look at what the reports said she ordered; a burger, fries, chocolate shake and a diet soda.  Okay, can we all agree that if you are going to consume that type of meal you may as well have the regular soda.  The artificial calorie free sweetener is probably more harmful than the artificial high fructose corn syrup in the non-diet soda. The press and the “experts” have all honed in on the calorie and fat content of the meal.  For those of us in the know, we know how far from identifying the real culprits these folks are. This meal is a nutrient wasteland of carbohydrate loaded, sugar shock inducing, lard layering concoctions of blood glucose raising garbage. I would assume the burger is in a white flour based bun, the french fries are nothing but deep fried polysaccharides and the shake, well why didn’t she just open a sugar bag and move a spoon from the bag to her mouth.  The only portion of this meal that would not add fat to her figure would have been the hamburger, minus the bun and certain condiments.

What all of this highlights is that in the world of politics, even genuine and well intentioned goals can be marred by the process. Can you imagine if the President’s wife spoke out against grains, corn and high fructose corn syrup?  Just look at some of the biggest lobbyists in this country and the answer will be apparent — she won’t.

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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On the other side, is it really appropriate for Rush Limbaugh to speak at all on obesity?  Of course not, he is one of the biggest enemies of the state of health and fitness.  All one needs to do is listen to his views on health and wellness to realize that he is as uninformed as he is bombastic.

However, Michelle Obama opens the door for these criticims when her efforts are not really going to do anything to make a dent in our overwhelming obesity epidemic.  If Michelle Obama is sincere, and I believe that she is, I offer my services to help her in reaching her goal to reduce our childhood obesity numbers.  I have the credentials and the experience to assist her in making a real difference during the roughly seventeen months left in her husband presidency.  She can email me at fatthenfitnow@me.com, or she can call me at (570) 760-6121.

To win battles one must do more than talk!


Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.

He is available to speak at no charge to any school or any youth group. He will make himself available to any talk radio, internet podcasting or television outlet. He has appeared on Public Television WVIA’s State of Pennsylvania and Call the Doctor; Entercom’s Outlook on Northeast PA with Shadoe Steele, Citadel Broadcasting’s Sunday Magazine with Brian Hughes, Lisa Davis’ Your Health Radio; Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast; Hank Garner’s Podcast.