Obesity Undone, Uncomplicates Weight loss and fitness


Obesity Undone
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Obesity Undone


Fat Then Fit Now; A Life Beyond Weight Loss, Edition 2

Authored by Dr. Joe Leonardi

Obesity undone is weight loss and fitness uncomplicated. On March 1, 2008, Physical Culturist and Chiropractor Doc Joe weighed a ponderous, pachydermian and unhealthy 340 pounds.

One year later he weighed in at 210 pounds. He not only lost weight — he regained his health, fitness and wellness.

Follow the Doc as he imparts upon you his story. It is from the heart and he shares the good and the bad. It is at times tough, at other times funny, but most importantly he will show you hw he got results.

Weight loss is a side effect of fitness — fitness is not the end result of weight loss. Undo obesity and don’t simply lose weight — gain health.


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