My latest interview on Health Demystified with Eric Wang

My latest interview with Eric Wang of Health Demystified.

Below is from Eric’s blog:

How Dr. Joe Leonardi lost 130 lbs and kept it off, and how you can too!

 This is one of my favorite interviews so far in the Health Demystified Experts Interview Series. It is my honor to share my interview with Dr. Joe Leonardi with you.

In this podcast, Dr. Joe Leonardi shares some tips on he lost 130 pounds and how you can too.

Dr. Joe Leonardi shares:

1. How he overcame the “demonic duo” of alcohol and food.

2. How “Joe 3-4-0″ moved from blaming others to taking personal responsibility of his weight and his life.

3. How he keeps motivated every day.

4. The unique exercise he used to build self-control and overcome temptations.  

5. How he deals with feelings of failure and busts through those.

6. 4 tips how you can kickstart your journey to weight loss and health