Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong So Many Times and Needs To Continue With His Apologies

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Rush Limbaugh, Not a Health and Fitness Expert, he should apologize for playing one on the radio!

I listen to Rush Limbaugh daily.  I respect his success as a broadcast entertainer — in that realm he is without peer.  He is the most listened to and highest paid radio entertainer today.  Before Rush came along, AM radio was on death’s doorstep. His innovative approach; combining the persona of an FM disc jockey with political punditry saved the AM band and paved the way for every high and low paid radio talker today.

Now that the niceties are out-of-the-way, when it comes to health, fitness and wellness he don’t know Jack!

Rush Limbaugh’s comments concerning Jack LaLanne demonstrate his complete lack of intellectual or common sense insight.  Those of us who promote healthy living are not impressed that Jack LaLanne existed until he was 96 years old.  What is impressive is that he LIVED until he was 96 years old — a distinction that must be understood to be appreciated.

A few years ago, I wrote  a newspaper column concerning my battle with obesity.  I closed out the column with the following sentences:

I was asked recently that if now that I lost the weight, I thought I was going to live longer. For a moment I pondered the question then

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answered, “I honestly don’t know, however I do know one thing, I am living better.”

Since that column appeared, in any radio, television, newspaper or internet interview I have given,  I am asked about those two sentences.  It is those two sentences that Rush Limbaugh just doesn’t understand.

I don’t know Rush Limbaugh any deeper than what he allows us to glimpse.  However, from the

glimpses he gives, he is a man of excesses and lacks self-control.  He eats to excess, he smokes to excess (formerly cigarettes, now cigars) and that excessive personality led to an unfortunate drug dependency.

His lack of self-control continues to be an impediment to truly enjoying his incredible success and wealth.

How could I make such a claim of someone I do not know?  Two factors lead me to that conclusion.

One, I, as Rush Limbaugh is, was morbidly obese and two, he continues to try to lose weight.

If he were happy being obese, he would have stopped trying.  The reason for Rush’s continued failure in taking care of his health, is that he does NOT embrace fitness.  Everyone who has ever met me, or whom I have ever motivated has heard me say, WEIGHT  LOSS IS A SIDE EFFECT OF FITNESS.

When Jack LaLanne was Rush Limbaugh’s age, he swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge — under water — towing one thousand pounds. By the way, he was handcuffed.  What does Rush do at the age of sixty?  He gets winded walking from a golf cart to his golf ball a few yards away.

Here is a simple truth of life;  all living things die! There is no escaping that fate.  It is how well you live that genuinely matters.

If Rush Limbaugh would like, I will take one year off from my practice and enter his employ.  I will move to Florida, I will monitor his eating, I will take him through proper exercise and I will motivate him.  After that year, I will have given him the greatest value for his money any person as ever received.  Rather than an existence, I will give him an active, living life!


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