Dump The Fads; Focus On Fitness

Well it is that time of year again, the beginning.

You know what that means, don’t you?

Yep, it is resolution time.

I am not a fan of the whole New Year’s resolution idea.  I set goals.  I always set mostly attainable ones and one that SEEMS unreachable….. then I go get it!

However, there are a lot of folks out there that do make resolutions and many of you do make a very solid attempt to keep them.  Two of the big resolutions are losing weight and getting in shape. Some times these two are interdependent and other times they are not.  If you are overweight then both must be your goal, but buyer beware — there are those out there who will promise you the results you seek for little or no effort.  You’ve heard them I’m sure:

-take this pill and you will lose weight.

-sprinkle this on your food and you will eat less and lose weight.

-drink this chemical conconcation and you will lose weight.

-exercise on this machine for 5 minutes a day and you will get rid of love handles.

-20 minutes a day 3 days a week on this new fangled, advanced equipment and you will get in shape.


Please feel free to add any miracle weight loss and fitness promise to which you have been exposed.  For those of us who have actually accomplished dropping body fat and improving our fitness level, we are well aware that the majority of these claims are pure balderdash.  I know personally that my desperation, when tipping the scales at 340 pounds, led me to try some of these results without effort promises.

I must confess that I did lose; money!

And I did gain something; more weight!

Mike and Mike in the Morning

Even the most sound eating and exercise plans can become fads if you don’t change your mindset, habits and lifestyle.  I thought about this listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning.  During a spot for P90X2, Mike Golic was talking about how he was going to start getting back in shape in the new year.  From what I have read about the P90X system, it is a sound plan. However, it wasn’t the promotion of the plan that got me thinking, it was Golic himself.  If memory serves me correctly; wasn’t he on the NurtiSystem plan at one time?  I remember seeing him in commercials with Dan Marino. And if he did the first P90X, why is having to get back in shape this year?  Did he give up after the three month cycle?

Mike Golic

The big question is: Is Mike Golic stuck in the overweight mindset?  Is he a slave to the mentality of going on and off a plan?  I honestly don’t know.

Yet, as I have said, any good plan can become a fad.  I am a low carbohydrate proponent.  I have drifted into more of a paleolithic/primal type eating pattern; meaning most of my foods are natural, whole and unprocessed.  However, even this type of eating can become a fad, if the person who opts for this type of plan falls into the trap of going on a diet.  Atkins, South Beach, A Life Beyond Weight Loss, Protein Power, The Zone, etc… will all provide short term, rapid results, and they all have the potential to have a long term positive impact.  The individual must understand that rapid weight loss, can be followed by rapid weight gain, if they are unwilling to embrace a whole new attitude concerning fitness and eating.  Once past the initial phase, there is a lifelong approach that must be followed.

Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution book

When I mention to people that I am a low carbohydrate proponent, the initial response is, “You’re on the Atkins diet.  I tried that once or twice. I lost weight, but it came back when I went off of it.”

The urge to scream “no #$%^&*(    &^!” is strong, but I fight it back and try to educate the person about the need for life long eating alterations. That is when I get the following, “Yes, but I can’t only eat 20 grams of carbs every day for the rest of my life.” 

Desperately trying to keep sarcasm out of my voice, I say to them that the 20 gram number is during the induction phase.  This statement is usually followed by a blank stare.  That is when I ask them if they read the entire book.  The reply to that is, “The entire book?  No, I had a friend who told me what to do.”  I simply shake my head and tell them, that is when a good plan becomes a fad.

If dropping weight, getting in shape or both are your New Year’s resolutions, I applaud you on your goals, just be sure that whatever approach you chose, learn the entire plan.  Additionally, be aware that the your diet and exercise program  is NOT temporary—it is a new life choice.  So,  make sure to get a thorough check up before embarking on your very admirable resolutions and once you do, keep in mind:

Weight loss is a side effect of fitness — fitness is not an end result of weight loss.


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