Marketing To Keep People Lazy

A heavy-duty walk-behind two-stage snow blower.

I recently heard a radio commercial  utilizing a take off of the word intervention, wintervention, to promote a product.  In the spot, different parts of a man’s body were encouraging him to go easy on them and use a snow blower instead of shoveling snow this winter.   The feet were whining, the back was complaining and the brain was insisting that it was wise to be indolent.

The first time I heard it, I chuckled.

The second time I heard it, I cringed.

The third time I heard it, I yelled at the radio.

The people in the car stopped beside me looked over like I lost my mind, and for a second, I did. My ire was on fire because, once again, the laziness of our citizenry is being

Working Out

extolled, encourage and exploited.

I have to ask:

Are we really that afraid of a little hard  work?

When did it become better to avoid activity?

What can the results of this attitude be?

We are already experiencing the answer to the last question — obesity and a lack of good health.

What is wrong, if one does not have a medical condition, with shoveling a little bit of snow?

If you are like me, and don’t appreciate winter, then approach it as exercise and make it an adjunct to your work-out program.

Schneeschaufel snow shovel



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