Negative Energy Produces Negative Results

I wrote the below posting a while back.  I was reminded of the detriment of negative energy recently listening to local talk jock WILK’s Steve Corbett.  I began listening to his show again when there was an interesting news story happening.  Since WILK is the only local news/talk station in NEPA, my options for afternoon listening are limited to one.  Unfortunately, I fell back into the habit of regular listening.

Well, it didn’t take long for my friends to notice a definite change in my end of day mood.  I wake up at 4 a.m. and I am in the gym by 5.  After my workout I teach and then I am in my office until 7 p.m. most nights.  I just assumed that the long days were getting to me, but then I remembered what I had been doing differently — I was listening to the Steve Corbett talk show.

Since I am between my office and patients during office hours,  I usually hear a good portion of the show.  Four hours of listening to how awful the world is, how bad people are and how sorry our lot in life is can drain even the most positive people.  Then again, most positive people probably would not or do not give Steve Corbett a second thought.

As many times as I have told people or done it myself, it never ceases to amaze me the power of cutting negative influences from your life.  It really should be a no brainer. Negativity begets negativity thus producing overall negative results.  Listening to Steve Corbett, a person who is obviously so angry at his life and wants his listeners to be just as miserable as he,  will eventually have a negative effect.

I have advised people to get negative people out of their lives.  However, that is not always easily accomplished in personal relationships — but it is easy when it comes to negative people whom you invite into your lives via the airwaves  —- change the station or switch off the radio.


Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.


On my web site Fat Then Fit Now and in my writings I frequently mention the Three D’sDesireDetermination and Discipline as the keys to remodeling one’s body and recapturing one’s health. I have also written about the Three E’sEatingExercise and Energy. The Energy component being mental energy. Together these two triads are the keys to success in becoming a fit and healthy individual.

The D’s and E’s must be given equal effort to achieve our goal. While none of the Three D’s or E’s are more essential than the other, a lack of energy can cause you to falter and interfere with the triangles of support.

Energy is about our mindset. Our mental energy allows every other aspect to fall into place. If  mental energy is off kilter, it can adversely impact the other legs of the triangle, causing a complete, catastrophic collapse.

There really are only two types of energy; positive and negative. Each usually gives rise to one of two outcomes — positive energy produces positive results and negative energy equals negative results.

The rigors of  daily life can get in our way and before we know it our mental energy is being thrown out of balance. We may be doing everything else correctly, but our results aren’t what we expect.

What is going on?

What are we doing wrong?

It is then we must recall that all three must be equal to achieve the desired outcomes.

Recently, my mind and body were both tired and drained — I just didn’t know it. Although my eating and exercise were in line, my energy was off and I was not being as productive as I should  have been.

Key West (Southernmost Point) at sunset, 2007

beach in Key West

I was reminded of the battle between positive versus negative energy last year on a long weekend to Key West.

Five days of no news, no talk radio (I am a huge talk radio junkie), no business worries and in general no negative influences really recharged my mental batteries. Just being in Florida compared to Northeast Pennsylvania there is a palpable difference in attitude. The sunshine, warm temperatures and proximity to the ocean allow a variety of outdoor activities. It was my experience and conclusion that people there, even in tough economic times, have a much more positive outlook on life. That positive vibe rubs off on everyone who is there.

When I returned to Pennsylvania this renewed energy translated into some of the best workouts I have had in months. I attacked the weights with vim and vigor, relishing the feel of cold iron in the palms of my hands.

The exercises were the same, but the poundage was a little heavier and the pace a little quicker — I was having fun.

This simple, yet noticeable, difference in my workouts has made me re-aware of the influence of energy. I have taken steps to ensure that my energy remains positive.

I make sure to start my day with a smile.

I have resolved to no longer to complain.

I shrug off the mundane, minor, miniscule annoyances that tend to degrade my disposition.

I have also stopped listening to so much talk radio, especially the afternoon drive talk  Steve Corbett show on local station WILK newsradio, and reading too in-depth into the news. I scan the paper and if I feel something is important, I will delve deeper into the subject.  I am no longer obsessed with each bit of minutia that is being reported. I discovered on my long weekend, that by not reading the paper, not watching the news, nor listening to talk radio — nothing changed. My being aware had absolutely zero influence.

I now strive to make each day full of positive energy.  When someone complains, I smile and make an excuse to remove myself from the conversation. If negative thoughts enter my head, I think about all I have that is good. If I start to feel sorry for myself, I remember my trips to places like the Philippines and force myself to realize how good my life is.

Energy must be positive. I am not saying we are never going to get down. I am not saying we should never get upset. There are real life issues that will influence our mood. However, we can change so much just by changing our attitude and outlook. It takes just as much effort to smile and say hello as it does to look away and grunt, but the result of a smile is much more positive, not only for one’s self, but on the person on the receiving end.

We must ask ourselves; Will worrying about something change it? Will losing sleep change it? Will not working out change it? Will overeating change it? In all likelihood all of the above will only be more deleterious to the situation and our health.

When possible, cut out negative influences, don’t become obsessed and worried about what you have little control over. Remember when it comes to controlling elements around us, we really can’t.

We can’t control the weather, world affairs or other people, however, we can control how we react. We can choose the manner in which we respond.

I tell all of  my clients that the only thing they can control is what they put into their bodies and the amount of exercise they put out. I also tell them the only person they can control is the one that stares back at them from the mirror.

We can be positive or we can be negative — the choice is ours —  the results are obvious.




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