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In a recent column I asked the question;Should exercise be fun? In that posting I responded that I did not believe fun was an overriding factor in what exercises you should choose, or have any influence in whether or not you should exercise. I even opened up with a quote from arguably one of the fittest people who has ever graced the planet earth, Jack LaLanne, who often said, “…. to go into a cold gym takes a lot of discipline, boy, I’ll tell ya. … I never liked to exercise, but I like results.”

I stated in the blog post that I actually enjoy certain exercises, but I don’t believe I actually have fun exercising.  I went on to explain my rationale for opining that fun was NOT a factor in determining an exercise routine, that what was important was the fact that through exercise, one  would improve their health and fitness level and thus, have fun in other aspects of life.

I received responses ranging from agreement to some very vehement disagreement, most of which were sent to me via email.  Those who disagreed with me claimed a few common themes.  They stated that if they weren’t having fun, they may not actually workout and besides that by not having fun, working out could be too stressful and hamper progress.

I can understand those who might not want to exercise if they weren’t having fun, but come on its only an hour or so a day.  If everything you do, every hour of every day of your life is fun, then I can say with complete honesty — I envy you.  While I enjoy most aspects of my life, I can’t say that I have fun at everything I do.  Besides, simply enjoying activities does not always constitute fun.

The argument about stress is one of those comments that gets my Sicilian up. Now I am well aware that I may offend or insult some who are reading this.  Since I don’t get either offended or insulted, I am never sure what will offend or insult someone else. However, it is not my desire to do either; it is just my intent to give my honest assessment of the argument. Just be aware you may get insulted or offended, perhaps both. So, with that said…

…ARE YOU *&%$@#! KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Have we really become such a weak society that an hour or so of exercise each day, an activity that will improve our overall health, fitness, well being and allow us to better cope with every day stressors, is considered stressful?!? This is almost as flat out silly as a comment I received regarding daily weighing being too emotionally draining.  I say that if either of these particular activities stress you out, then perhaps you need to consider what exactly is stressful and that stress is an unavoidable part of every day life.

Often times, it is all about perspective.  It is one of those life lessons I learned in the military.  When I put a certain situation in perspective, the perceived stress really isn’t all that intense.

So, if you feel that jumping up on scale once a day is stressful; think of our very brave military men and women jumping out of the way of enemy fire in Iraq or Afghanistan. Compared to their jump — is yours really all that stressful?

If you are stressed out because the exercise you must endure for an hour each day isn’t fun; think of the single mother or father who may be lucky to get an hour with their child(ren) because they are going from job to job so they can earn enough money to put food on the table. Is an hour investment in fitness really all that stressful?

How about the parents who haven’t worked in more than a year and the bank is ready to foreclose and make them and their children homeless.  Or how about a parent fighting cancer and coping with the possibility that they may not be around to care for their children. Or even worse, the parents that have to face the unimaginable, tragic and horrific diagnosis that their young child has cancer and may not be with them for Christmas this year.

I understand that at times I am harsh, and that this time I may be extremely so.  However, losing perspective and allowing perceived stress to win out over genuine stress cost me much, including all of my life savings, my marriage, my fitness, my health and almost my life.  We are facing an obesity epidemic.  An epidemic that effects both adults and children.  What is most disturbing is that it is an epidemic of our own making; an epidemic that requires inner strength in the form of  desire, determination and discipline to overcome.  So, if I get a little irate at whiny, mental weakness that some folks may turn into excuses, that others will take further into indolence and thus contribute to our obesity epidemic then I apologize — NO I take that back; I make no apologies for my effort to save a few lives and improve the quality of life for many more.




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