Obesity, Occupy Wall Street & Steve Corbett

As I was mulling over today’s posting a patient of mine said, “Okay Doc, how are you going to tie these topics together?”  I told her to check back later today.

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First off, I know it seems like I listen to Steve Corbett’s radio entertainment show more than I should, but I don’t.  It just so happens that WILK talk radio is my favorite local radio station and every now and again, I have the radio tuned in when I start my car or enter a room. This happened on Friday, as I was driving home after my news interview on SSPTV Channel 13 concerning childhood obesity.  I was coming over the mountain and back down into the valley when I turned my radio back on and it was already set to 103.1FM.  I reached down to change the station when I heard the caller mentioned he was going to be at an Occupy Wilkes-Barre event. Since I had been kind of following the Occupy Wall Street movement on the news, I stayed on the station.  It seems that every person I had listened to be interviewed really didn’t have a clue as to why they were taking part of the Occupation and this caller was not any different.  He muddled through a couple of, for lack of a better word, reasons; like “I’m tired of making a hundred dollars a week.  Rich people aren’t fair.  People with money don’t deserve it.”  And some other mumbo-jumbo that a third grader would have been embarrassed to articulate.

I was just about to hit the scan button when good old Steve chimed in, he tried to pin him down to a reason, but funny thing was that Corbett, while encouraging him, couldn’t offer up a single reason himself.  Then he gave this young man some of the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard in my life.  Advice so ludicrous, that I have concluded that the unicellular amoeba that causes dysentery may generate a greater intellectual output than Steve Corbett; although they both produce the same end result.

Woody Allen in Barcelona

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What was this piece of wisdom from the sage Mr. Corbett?  Brace yourself for this one, even I who hold Steve Corbett in low regard was shocked by this.  I guess Corbett was trying to quote pseudo-intellectual Woody Allen in some sort of way. He told the young man he did NOT need any definitive goals, nor did he need a plan.  No he told this young man, a man obviously without direction, to just show up.  Really Steve? So, this person and others, should just show up and work toward no goal, no defined end result?

I can hear my regular readers out there now.  You all know where I am going with this don’t you?  For those who are not regular readers, you are probably wondering; What does this have to do with weight loss, fitness or obesity? The answer is a resounding — EVERYTHING!


There is no greater path to failure in reaching fitness and weight loss than not setting goals, nor devising a plan.  I can’t tell you how many people I have observed over the years who just show up at the gym.  They go through the motions, moving from machine to machine and exercise to exercise with out rhyme or reason.  They don’t have a specific routine, they don’t have regular days, as I said they just show up.  And the sad fact is that the only thing that is leaner for their efforts are their bank accounts.  They make no improvement in their physique, they don’t drop any weight and they don’t improve their fitness level.

Achievement badge for showing up!

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These folks that just show up apply a similar haphazard and lackadaisical approach to their diet.  Now remember a diet is not defined as a plan you go on and off; diet for our purposes, is whatever food you shove down your gullet. If you eat a low carbohydrate, close to natural state diet, you have a good diet.  If the food you consume is full of starches, sugars, refined and prepackaged foods; you have a garbage diet.  Either way, those that just show up usually will claim to be on a diet, although they never tell you which type of diet.  They are quiet humorous to watch, because I am pretty sure that no matter what school of thought you apply to diet and fitness — the foods Steve Corbett regularly endorses: pastries, rolls, pizza, beer and wine aren’t exactly what is considered healthy eating.  But it seems that those who simply show up for eating and exercise tend to consume a very poor diet.  They too, make no improvement to their overall health and fitness, and if they are attempting to lose weight, well guess what?  That’s right, they don’t drop any weight either.

The Steve Corbett’s of the world are much more concerned with whining and complaining about what others may have than what they themselves are doing.  They are more than willing to engage in negative rhetoric and not only harm their own well being with negativity, but inflict it, like a contagion, upon others.

You can make a difference in your life by doing more than just showing up. You can take charge of your life, you can take command of you physical well being and the result will be an improved quality of life.




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