Lessons Learned From Observing Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, 2002

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I just read a news report that Tiger Woods has fallen out of professional golf’s top 50 list.  Tiger has not been out of the top 50 since 1996 — when he was in college; playing as an amateur.  It is really a stunning fall, because not too long ago it was as if Tiger would never let go of the number one spot, let alone fall from even the top 10.

Tiger Woods was golf’s greatest manufactured talent.  Of course, he has some natural athletic ability, but Tiger’s assent to greatness was a master plan; conceived, implemented and executed by his father.  Unlike others who were engineered a la Todd Marinovich or pushed into greatness as Jennifer Capriati was — Tiger avoided the many pitfalls and went on to reach the top of his sport’s world. That was, until November 2009.  It is hard to believe that it is almost the two year anniversary of the night that golf’s greatest player pinballed his big old SUV down a street and his lust for infidelity was brought out of the shadows, and the meticulously manufactured mirage of the perfect family man was revealed to be a serial adulterer.  It was in that moment that the coddled man-child was uncovered, and the facade of mythic mental discipline dissolved under a harsh hurricane of media scrutiny and never before experienced public disapproval.

What does any of this have to do with obesity, weight loss or fitness?  Maybe nothing, or perhaps — everything.

Those of you familiar with my writings are well acquainted with my extolling the virtues of the 3 E’s; Eating, Exercise and Energy.

I have often stated that none of the three can be out of balance.  Eating is the food you put into your body, exercise is the activity you put out to keep your body fit and energy is the mental state that keeps everything working in harmony.  Faltering in any one of the 3 can sabotage your plans for a healthful and fit life.

I’m not really sure what kind of eating plan Tiger follows or followed.  So, I can’t really comment on that aspect of the the 3 E’s.

I have read only brief accounts of his exercise plan, so it is hard to evaluate what he did or didn’t do. At his physical best, we rarely saw him in shorts, but when we did, I noticed that his physique was obviously out of balance.  His upper body definitely outpaced his legs and I often wondered if a contributing factor to his knee injuries were a result of improper physical training.  Since, I don’t know the specifics of his routine, I can’t say for sure, but it isn’t a stretch to conclude that it was a possibility that the exercise portion of the 3 E’s was out of kilter.

Finally, we come to mental energy.  The answer for much of Tiger’s demise rests squarely on this portion being out of control.  While Tiger, at times, demonstrated strong mental energy discipline on the course, I never really bought into the whole mental toughness myth that surrounded him much of his career.

Yes, on the course his steely gaze fixated on his target.

Yes, he worked hard on his game; arguably harder than anyone else.

Yes, when there was a noise, an errant shot, or slightest miscue  — Tiger sized temper tantrums could and would erupt.

A view of Tiger Woods as he walks off the 8th ...

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Since it was revealed that Tiger’s understanding of “forsaking all others, be faithful only to her so long as you both shall live” was, shall we say, not traditional. His golf game, in other words his job performance, has been pretty poor.  If he was actually an employee somewhere, he may have already been fired.  And, yes he had another injury — funny how the human body can sometimes have a negative physical response to mental stress. Tiger has experienced a complete energy cataclysm.

So, what can we, average every day folks, learn from Tiger’s energy collapse?  We can learn that we need to keep in balance the 3 E’s if we want to meet our own goals and be successful for ourselves.  Also, it may be important to learn that we must be true to ourselves.  Is it possible that part of Tiger’s fall was because he was more concerned with creating an image, than being his own person? It is a drain on our energy to try and be someone we aren’t; so why not just be ourselves?

Will Tiger turn Phoenix and rise from the ashes of his self inflicted hell?



My selfish, golf-fan self sure hopes so — I miss watching his dominating performance.

For Tiger to return to the top he must balance the 3 E’s.  To do so he needs to surround himself with people willing to tell him NO! He must surround himself with people more concerned about Eldrick than Tiger.  He must surround himself with someone who can direct him in managing the 3 E’s.

Hey Eldrick, my email is fatthenfitnow@me.com, if you want to return to dominance and win 18, 19, 20 or more major championships drop me a line — I will get you there!


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