Gary Taubes: Low Carb Champion, but No Exercise Excuse Enabler

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I was on Jimmy Moore’s Facebook page and his world’s best low carb blog where I learned that science writer and author of the books; Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat: and what to do about it, among other books, was recently on the Dr. Oz show.  Being a big fan of Mr. Taubes’ books I was excited to see the show, however, since I work when the show airs, I watched the online version rebroadcast.

The show was interesting and  I thought Gary held his own and made his points in the allotted time.  I am sure it was edited to make Dr. Oz look good and to fit the time frame, so I am willing to bet that we missed quite a bit.  I did find Dr. Oz to be condescending,  closed minded and really out of his league when discussing low carbohydrate eating.

What concerned me was the on-line exclusive discussion concerning exercise.  Gary Taubes is correct; you do not need to incorporate exercise to lose weight.  I will not dispute this fact.  If an obese person follows a low carbohydrate eating plan — that person will lose weight.  No and, if or buts about it.

However, is that really the best way to accomplish the goal?

More importantly, should weight loss be the singular goal?

The answer to both questions is a resounding no!

In my book, columns that I have written and interviews I have given; I am fond of saying that weight loss is a side effect of fitness.  Not because fitness is the way to lose weight, but because the goal is not weight loss — the actual goal is improved physical fitness.

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked about loose skin from losing over one hundred pounds or how can one maintain their weight loss and the big one;  I thought once I lost weight I would feel better, but I don’t.

The answer to all of the above is exercise.  The problem is the general view of what exactly is exercise.

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Exercise must contain both progressive resistance and endurance exercise.  People must stop thinking aerobic or cardiovascular exercise.  Those terms limit the scope of thought, the type of exercise and of course, the results.

Of course, prior to engaging in an exercise a complete physical is a must. Once you are cleared, you must actually understand what understand what is meant by moderate exercise.

Moderate exercise is NOT taking a stroll.  It isn’t sitting on an exercise bike and reading a magazine.  No you actually must do something. You have to move, you have to sweat a little bit and for goodness sake you should NOT  be reading, watching television or carrying on a conversation when you should be focusing on the task at hand.

Gary Taubes made the comment that exercising will actually cause a person to eat more by “Working up an appetite.”

To those of us who exercise regularly and follow a low carb eating plan, we can attest that we may have an increase in hunger.  However, since low carb eating doesn’t concern itself with overall quantity of food, this is not a big deal.  That mindset should only apply to those that follow calorie restricted diets.

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The other factor is that when one follow an exercise program that incorporates both progressive resistance training and endurance exercises, that person will actually crave the foods that will promote muscle repair, proteins, that will actually assist in  fat loss.

My concern about Mr. Taubes so adamantly opposing exercise is that it will just give the certain folks an excuse not to exercise and enable indolence.  And, without exercise, one limits their overall enjoyment of life.

As I have said before;  weight loss and fitness are not about living longer; they are about living better.




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  1. The more weight someone has to lose, the more they should concentrate on changing their diet. The more weight they lose, the more they will naturally want to be physically active.

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  7. Taubes does not advocate that people refrain from exercise; he merely points out that it does not directly produce weight loss in most people. He acknowledges that there are many health benefits to exercise (and he himself exercises regularly), but weight loss really isn’t one of them.

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