Steve Corbett: NEPA’s Enemy of the State of Health and Fitness

I used to write a weekly post entitled Enemies of the State of Health & Fitness (ESHF). The weekly posting was a serious look at public people I viewed, in my opinion,  as contributing to our nation’s obesity epidemic.  I received a lot of flack because of what was perceived as personal attacks.  The posts were taking to task certain individuals for their contributory words or actions that were detrimental to people’s health and wellness.  So, in an effort to take the edge of my image I made a conscious effort to dial it down a bit and even discontinued my ESHF weekly postings.

The kinder and gentler version Fat Then Fit Now’s respect for others has been met with mostly negative reviews.  People have emailed and called me telling me they like the my harder edged comments and writings.  I was told that in an effort to be nicer, I allowed others to give unchallenged and often times, erroneous information.

I thought long and hard about both the compliments and criticisms I received.  I did give other viewpoints due respect, even when that point of view was well of the mark and perhaps, unintentionally gave the perception that I agreed with the misinformation.   Well those days are over.  While I will continue to aspire to be respectful, I will no longer bite my tongue to the point that my taste buds are covered in scar tissue.

So, without further delay, I bring back ENEMIES OF THE STATE OF HEALTH & FITNESS . Today, I reboot the franchise with WILK talk jock Steve Corbett. Perhaps the worst kept secret in my little world is the low regard in which I hold Steve Corbett.  His negativity and hate based entertainment show is perhaps the prime example of how a bottom feeder plays into other people’s fears and lot in life to boost one’s own interest.  I have written extensively on the negative effects negative energy produces.  Today, his negativity is not the reason for his heading the new and improved ESHF.  No, the reason Steve Corbett heads the reintroduction of ESHF is because of his healthful eating hypocrisy and over the top promotion of lard layering food and drink.

So Good Soy Milk

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From Steve Corbett’s mouth a fountain of misinformation flows forth spouting the supposed virtues of his extreme vegetarian views.  He proclaims with pseudo-expert aplomb that meat is bad and soy based tofu is good.  He promotes this in the face of many studies that demonstrate that soy’s benefits have been overstated and that in men, soy can have many detrimental effects including; thyroid issues, estrogen like effects and decreased testosterone levels. Even if I believed that a vegetarian diet was in fact healthy; Steve does not present an outward appearance of physical vitality such as high carb, vegan advocate Harley “DurianRider” Johnstone.

However, what is worse is that the self proclaimed promoter of healthful living spends so much of his programing promoting unhealthy eating and drinking choices.  He waxes poetic about drinking wine nightly, for a few pieces of silver he endorses foods that are nothing more than over-processed starch and sugar products and extolls his haphazard exercise regiment. Combined, his attitudes will promote the ever expanding waistlines of Northeast Pennsylvania’s citizens, leading them to the fate of obesity, type II diabetes and a lower quality of life.

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Steve will vilify the sport of mixed martial arts, desiring to ban contests in the entire country.  Yet, he will ignore the simple fact that fewer people will die or suffer life changing injuries  in an MMA contest  than will suffer and die from obesity related ailments.  So I ask, how responsible is it for someone, who so desires a Nanny State of America to protect every citizen’s health and well being, to outwardly glorify the consumption of obesity causing foods and drinks?


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