Enough Excuses

The top 1o excuses I have heard since I have been helping people battle obesity.

1 – I just can’t live without ice cream.
2 – I love pasta.
3 – I don’t have the time.
4 – I was going to, but then I got side tracked.
5 – I slept late.
6 – I am stressed out.
7 – I don’t have the will power.
8 – I eat out all the time.
9 – I can’t cook.
10- I WAS going to start on Monday.
Some excuses are from clients of http://www.FatThenFitNow.com,  some from friends, some from people who have seen my web site and some from those who knew me in my obese days and tell me they have to get in shape, but just ______ fill in the excuse.
There are many excuses not to re-take control of one’s health, but there are few legitimate reasons. Yes, there are actually legitimate reasons, but that is not the topic of this column.
As far as excuses go — I have heard them all, here is a little secret; I have used them all.
I am here to tell you that there is no reason to be obese. As I wrote in a previous column, obesity is not a complex issue. In the absence of a medical or hormonal condition, obesity is a choice.
I know, I know the burning of me in effigy is commencing. I can hear the epithets being directed at me now.
Doc, how dare you say I choose to be this way!
How dare you say I want to look and feel like this!
Who do you think you are, do think that if I could, I would control myself?

How can I have the temerity to state that obesity is a choice? What gives me the authority to make such a claim?
That’s easy — I once weighed 340 ponderous, pachydermian pounds and had to squeeze into a tight-fitting size 54 pants. I was so far out of shape that every day tasks required Herculean effort.  I am confident I know a thing or two about becoming obese.
Recently, I have dropped well over one hundred pounds and transformed by rotund shape into a fit physique.  I also know what it takes to drop the weight.
Jack Lalanne has said that exercise is the king and diet is the queen. How do you argue with a person who reached 95-years old person and remained full of vim and vigor?       You don’t!
Jack LaLanne receives a Lifetime Achievement A...

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I tell people to get their own new physique and recapture health and vitality  entails a complete commitment.
I even us a formula. It is:
100% Exercise + 100%  Eating +
100% Energy

It is not difficult to get in shape, eat the correct foods and stay focused; it requires the three D’s:

Many excuses such as time or eating out can be overcome with proper planning. I teach an eight o’clock class five days a week. Because I am in my office until seven in the evening, I work out first thing in the morning, which means I am in the gym by five a.m.!
Do you think I like setting the alarm for four a.m.?
Do you think I am thrilled when it goes off?
However, that is when I have the time and that is when I get up.
Throw out the excuses! Say no to obesity! Choose health and fitness!
As far as excuse number 10, the hell with Monday — Get with it today!

Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book; Fat Then Fit Now;  A life beyond wight loss.

He is available to speak  to any school, association or group. He will make himself available to any talk radio, internet podcasting or television outlet. He has appeared on Public Television WVIA’s State of Pennsylvania and Call the Doctor; 94.3 FM’s Tough Talk With Joe Peters; Lisa Davis’ Your health radio; Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast; Hank Garner’s Podcast.

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