Excuses plus obesity equals more obesity

{What I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss andfitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.}

In our efforts to beat back obesity, we are faced with many obstacles.  Some, as being a single parent or working several jobs, are genuinely difficult to overcome. Many others however, are nothing more than excuses.

I recently wrote a posting on excuses.  Excuses, are our own internal rationalizations for not staying on track.  Often times, most excuses can be eliminated by proper planning and making minor adjustments.

To use me as an example, I currently teach an 8 a.m. class and I am in my office several nights a week until 7 p.m..  When will I have the time to get to the gym? Through proper planning and adjustments, I am able to juggle my schedule and workout daily.  In this case,  I arise at 4 a.m. and get to the gym by 5 a.m..  Problem solved.  Do I like it when the alarm goes off at 4 a.m.?  Not really, but once I am awake, I am off and exercising.

Another potential excuse, for me, is the fact that I do not like to run on a treadmill. However, I don’t like to run in snow, ice or darkness either, because at this point in my life, I can’t afford a preventable injury.  So, if for some reason the whether or time doesn’t cooperate, I could use that as an excuse not to get my run in.  How do I overcome it?  Easy, after I am done with the weights, I head upstairs and get my buttocks on the treadmill.  What I may desire is irrelevant.  Yes,  my preference may be to run outside, but because of my time constraints and the hour I wake up, I make my adjustment, suck it up and get on the treadmill.  The excuse is negated.

Enablers are those around us who impede our efforts. These enablers are often times those who do not understand what it takes to drop a large amount of weight — or, they are simply lazy.

The prime tool of the enabler is probably the most harmful.  It is creating the myth of the difficulty factor, when in fact — there is no difficulty.

Yet, the saboteurs are out there whispering in your ear:

Why are you doing this?

It is just too hard.

Why not just give it up?

When in fact they are completely untrue.

I was taken to task over my claim that it is easy to lose weight and get in shape.  Not only is it easy, but my point was you must tell yourself that it is easy.  I expand upon in my book, Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss, that by consistently reinforcing the premise that it is easy, you will convince your own brain of that fact.  This helps with the mental energy that is so important in recapturing your health.

However, the enabler in this case, used an unfair comparison concerning their artistic ability.  The point was, while it comes easy to them, it may not come easy to someone else.  This analogy, of using an inherent gift, as compared to disciplining one’s self is akin to the proverbial apples and oranges.

I have an ability to take thoughts and ideas and express them via the spoken and written word.  It does come relatively easy to me, however, I would never claim that it is easy for someone else.

Body remodeling is a different story and the proof is in the pudding.  I have had many clients who have adopted my approach relate to me that they have never experienced such success.  They all say the same thing; “I can’t believe how easy it is to do!” The fact is that if you implement my eating plan, exercise regime and mental energy reinforcements, in the absence of an underlying condition, you will lose weight and get fit.

As I have been quoted many times; “I don’t know if I am going to live longer, but I am living better!” If  you too desire to live better quality of live  —-  dump the excuses and shun the enablers.


Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the book Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss.

The Genuine Way Lose Weight

{To be clear what I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have an underlying medical condition.}

If you have lost weight, tried to lose weight or are just thinking about losing weight you have undoubtedly been inundated by advertising.

Be it television, radio, spam, billboards,  hell even folks walking the streets with sandwich boards… you are hit by a plethora of quick fix weight loss promising products..

Drink this in place of a meal and you will lose weight.

Order pre-packaged food and you will lose weight.

Take this “natural” pill and you will lose weight.

I’ve been exposed to them all, I’ve even tried a few. Everything from fasting, juicing, fruit only, to  vegetable only diets all promise rapid weight loss without effort.

I am always skeptical of the fast, fat-loss fads that claim to bring forth  miracles that are too good to be true. Why? Because they are too good to be true.

Anyone who knows me, has heard me on the radio, podcasts, seen me on television,  has read my book or this blog is aware that I am an avid low carbohydrate follower. They also understand that I am more than just about a “diet.”  I am a firm believer in the power and benefits of exercise and fitness.  I work out seven days a week.

The most effective way to lose weight and get in shape is following my plan. Okay, I’m a little biased. However, if you follow and apply the 3 D’s and the 3 E’s you have no choice but to gain renewed health.

Desire to get in shape

Determine that you will do it.

Have the discipline to get it done.

Eat a diet low in carbohydrates, as close to nature and as unprocessed as possible

Exercise seven days a week. Include endurance, cardiovascular training along with progressive resistance workouts.

Posses positive mental energy knowing that you will accomplish your goals and recapture your health.

Be consistent!

Strive for excellence!

Make your health a priority!

You won’t get there with haphazard plans or habits. You must work at it, there are no shortcuts, there is no free pass.

The results will be a fit new you, a healthy individual brimming with confidence and beaming with pride.


{What I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.}

Generally speaking pre-diabetes is a warning sign of a problem with carbohydrate metabolism and a potential precursor to diabetes.   Clinically defined, it is when a fasting blood sugar reading is between 100 and 126.  It is a condition in which their is a potential that either not enough insulin is produced by the body, or the body’s tissues are resistant to insulin’s effects.  Insulin is responsible for the metabolism of glucose.  Glucose is the catabolic end product of all dietary, starchy carbohydrates; not matter how simple or how complex, starchy,  dietary carbs are broken down into glucose

I am not going to get into a nuanced posting of metabolism, physiology, absorption, insulin resistance, etc..   For the science and studies you can read Gary Taube’s book or check out Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida Low Carb Blog.

What motivated today’s posting was an event that happened about a month ago.  I had friend stop by the office and tell me he had just diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  He is a driven person, very successful, owning several business, and probably one of the most intelligent people I know.   However, when it comes to taking care of himself, he is grossly negligent.   He is overweight to the point of boarding on obesity and doesn’t exercise at all.  I have been on his case for the better part of a year to get on my program, but, he has always had every excuse under the sun.

Last month the bell went off.  He came into my office and said to me, “Well, you were right, I am slowly killing myself.”   He went on to tell me his diagnosis and flatly stated, “I’m ready.”

He then showed me the diet he had been following for the last four weeks.  It was the one his medical doctor prescribed for him — it was the standard, limited calorie, low-fat, high carb diet that would only continue him on his path to diabetes.  I asked him how he was doing on it.  He said he had lost only a few pound and was having difficulty staying on track.  He asked me if I could make any recommendations.   I told him I could —  I ran it through my shredder.   He had a hardy laugh.

Before starting, I made sure he understood that weight loss is not part of my practice.  What I do is completely motivational.  I was not going to be treating his condition.   He said, he understood, then he barked “Just help me get this dam weight off!”

I sold him a copy of my book, for three times the price, as penalty for waiting so long.  He handed me cash with no argument.  Then, he paid double my fee for an initial meeting and six months of support up front.

We just did our weekly check in.  He has been very consistent and dedicated to both his new eating and exercise routines.  He is down 23 pounds and 2 pants sizes.  He is not only looking better, but stated he is feeling much better.  And, by the way, his fasting blood sugar is now under 100.  His medical doctor is very pleased and actually called me for more information on my program.

I will never understand why the medical community can be so dismissive of all the research showing the benefits of a low carbohydrate life-style.  However, as I have recently learned, some are willing to change their attitude.

The Simplicity Principle

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spea...

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PCPFS Lifetime Achievement Award winner Jack L...

PCPFS Lifetime Achievement Award winner Jack LaLanne recognized by Secretary Leavitt at an HHS prevention event on Capitol Hill on May 3, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have recently written about the passing of, one of the founding fathers of fitness, Jack LaLanne.  I was reminiscing about Jack and doing searches on him to see what others were saying when I came across a clip with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold was discussing  a memory of when Jack had come along when he, Arnold, was stretching and warming up.  Arnold related how Jack had said; “Hey Arnold, why are you doing those stretching exercises?”

Arnold responded, “Just to warm up.”

Jack responded, “That’s all crap.  This warming up!  I don’t believe in warming up!  Have you ever seen a lion when he attacks and goes and hunts another animal?  Do you ever see the lion say hold on let me do some stretching exercises, let me warm up? No! he says, they just take off and they go and come home with the food for the young. He said, human being always have to make things so complicated!  Warming up and cooling down this is all nonsense!

I actually had heard this similar example cited when I first became involved with professional bodybuilders when I was stationed in Hawaii.  I was training with one of the many pro-bodybuilders that came in to guest pose and he was not warming up.  When I asked him about not warming up, he quoted me this same line attributed to Jack.

After that,  I read up on Jack and that is when I modified my workouts and made them much simpler and less complex.  It is an approach I take today.  In 2008 , when I decided to get back in shape, I went back to my old workouts and designed my new workout based on my old simplicity principle.

I have been back in the gym since 2008. I have played around with my physique, sometimes leaning out, other times bulking up and increasing my strength, yet, I keep my workouts simple.  I watch others who have been working out in that same time period.  They constantly alter their workouts, they do advanced training techniques they either read about or are given to them my personal trainers, and still, they don’t look any different then they did back in 2008.

Many of them lack the consistency of a solid, foundation built upon the basics.  Many are vocal proponents of muscle confusion, cross training, static stretching, active stretching, plyometerics, etc… which is fine for advanced athletes, but those in the gym advocating these principles,  never possessed the foundation to build upon.

In my book I actually outline a two month pre-training phase, that prepares you to begin serious workouts.  However, even my advanced phase still follows the simplicity principle.

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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I have written about Rush Limbaugh’s ridicule of Jack LaLanne’s lifestyle. Well, if old Rushbo would actually listen to what Jack had said  and applied some basic fitness to his life, he wouldn’t be consistently yo-yoing his rotund frame.

It isn’t about keeping it simple stupid.  It is about applying smart and simple principles to achieve your goals.




Physical Culturist and Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi is the author of the life changing book, “Obesity Undone” and a contributor to NaturallySavvy.com and CarbSmart.com. He is available to appear on any talk radio, internet podcast or television outlet.

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Rush Limbaugh Don’t Know Jack!

I listen to Rush Limbaugh daily.  I respect his success as a broadcast entertainer — in that realm he is without peer.  He is the most listened to and highest paid radio entertainer today.  Before Rush came along, AM radio was on death’s doorstep. His innovative approach; combining the persona of an FM disc jockey with political punditry saved the AM band and paved the way for every high and low paid radio talker today.

Now that the niceties are out-of-the-way, when it comes to health, fitness and wellness he don’t know Jack!

Jack LaLanne receives a Lifetime Achievement A...

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Image via Wikipedia

Rush Limbaugh’s comments concerning Jack LaLanne demonstrate his complete lack of intellectual or common sense insight.  Those of us who promote healthy living are not impressed that Jack LaLanne existed until he was 96 years old.  What is impressive is that he LIVED until he was 96 years old — a distinction that must be understood to be appreciated.

A few years ago, I wrote  a newspaper column concerning my battle with obesity.  I closed out the column with the following sentences:

I was asked recently that if now that I lost the weight, I thought I was going to live longer. For a moment I pondered the question then answered, “I honestly don’t know, however I do know one thing, I am living better.”

Since that column appeared, in any radio, television, newspaper or internet interview I have given,  I am asked about those two sentences.  It is those two sentences that Rush Limbaugh just doesn’t understand.

I don’t know Rush Limbaugh any deeper than what he allows us to glimpse.  However, from the glimpses he gives, he is a man of excesses and lacks self-control.  He eats to excess, he smokes to excess (formerly cigarettes, now cigars) and that excessive personality led to an unfortunate drug dependency.

His lack of self-control continues to be an impediment to truly enjoying his incredible success and wealth.

How could I make such a claim of someone I do not know?  Two factors lead me to that conclusion.

One, I, as Rush Limbaugh is, was morbidly obese and two, he continues to try to lose weight.

If he were happy being obese, he would have stopped trying.  The reason for Rush’s continued failure in taking care of his health, is that he does NOT embrace fitness.  Everyone who has ever met me, or whom I have ever motivated has heard me say, WEIGHT  LOSS IS A SIDE EFFECT OF FITNESS.

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...

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When Jack LaLanne was Rush Limbaugh’s age, he swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge — under water — towing one thousand pounds. By the way, he was handcuffed.  What does Rush do at the age of sixty?  He gets winded walking from a golf cart to his golf ball a few yards away.

Here is a simple truth of life;  all living things die! There is no escaping that fate.  It is how well you live that genuinely matters.

If Rush Limbaugh would like, I will take one year off from my practice and enter his employ.  I will move to Florida, I will monitor his eating, I will take him through proper exercise and I will motivate him.  After that year, I will have given him the greatest value for his money any person as ever received.  Rather than an existence, I will give him an active, living life!.