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Today is a sad day for those of us who are fitness enthusiast.  Anyone who has ever lifted a weight, jogged or done a jumping jack probably know the name Jack LaLanne.  I just read that one of the founding fathers of fitness and fellow chiropractor Jack LaLanne has passed away.  I have cited Jack LaLanne in previous writings and  I will write more later today.

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  1. Although there may be debate as to whether he invented the Jumping Jack actually per the Wikipedia page you posted and other places, I think it is well accepted that he did invent the Smith Machine! even though maybe it should be called the Lalanne machine! There is a bit on Jack Lalanne in the Muscle Smoke and Mirrors book by Randy Roach. I think Jack even hung out at Venice beach some. This is a cool blog you have and I will have to read up on it. Too bad, I stumbled on it only since Jack died. Most blogs are either too much about losing weight, weight lifting, body building, these kinds of things. This looks a bit more easy going and that’s a big reason I liked Jack, he was a pleasant kind. I think last Fall in October, here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Jack was interviewed during one of those Public Television Fund raising Marathons. I responded to a few people, maybe it is the schedule of travelling, making appearances and the like, but honestly he was frail in that interview, I hate to say it, he did look spent and a bit like what you would expect from someone aged though in turn his wife was doing well. So, maybe he appeared fatigued by the schedule but I did not believe he looked like he was in good health in that TV appearance. God Bless Jack Lalanne, doesn’t take anything away from him. I’ve got some of his DVDs. For a TV guru, I kind of like Gilad, I use to watch him on Fit TV and then, they got satellite here, I had no say in the provider so don’t get to see him anymore. I already have an exercise routine, the JL dvds are for motivation mainly, because he is an American Hero. Sorry, long write up.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I am not sure if my clients will agree with your assessment that I am easy going… I don’t think Jack invented the jumping jack, he popularized it and that’s where the name came from.
    Thank you for the kind words…


  3. Dr. Leonardi: Thank you for your response. I am sure you know who Joe Rollino was. I believe in fact, Rollino knew Angelo Siciliano/Mr. Atlas a bit. For anyone unaware of Joe Rollino, he passed away about a year ago, unbelievably because he was hit by a van on his morning walk, he was 104 years young. So, genetics, environment plays into our health but I’ve told a few people, Jack is not the only one to have lived into his old age, probably one of the Weider Brothers last I knew, is still around too. But Joe Rollino is a bit of a personal hero too, I believe he was vegetarian, I’ve got to look into his diet, I may be wrong but I’d think he probably still ate pastas with spaghetti sauce being an Italian American in New York but who knows, I do remember oatmeal every day. Maybe he ate lots of salads and surely Olive Oil. Thank you again for your response and I visited the amazon page for your book. I will have to see if I know someone with kindle. Your story sounds interesting. There is quite a bit on Rollino on the web if anyone wants to know more about him.

    Nowadays, despite a lot of “healthy” diets out there, America is more obese than say when Jack did his TV show in the ’60s. It must be fast food, processed food among many other factors. Yes, I’ve followed Rush for years, I’ve seen him slim down and now, I think he is tipping the scales. Well, that’s enough, I will keep up with your blog and I will register with word press soon when I can get on a better computer.

    I’d really would like to have heard the speech Jack Lalanne heard from Paul Bragg that inspired him so. Interesting, from time to time, I buy that apple cider vinegar by them.

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