Americans are gaining weight and losing health!

The first line of  an article, Big Bummer! More of us exercise, but still fat, appearing on MSNBC’s web site says it all, “More Americans are exercising but rates of obesity have not changed, according to the latest government data.”

If you continue to peruse the article, there are also other numbers that show a disturbing trend:

Americans are gaining weight and losing health!

How could that be? American’s are exercising. They are following a low-fat diet. They are following the recommendations from the all-knowing government. We are indoctrinating school children about the best eating guide in the world… The all-powerful, all-encompassing, carbohydrate loaded,  Food Pyramid. (Please kneel in reverence at this moment.)

Supposedly, we are doing everything right. So the question needs to be asked; How can America continue to get heavier and less healthy?

The answer is simple. We aren’t doing it completely and we aren’t doing it correctly. When I discuss weight management, fitness and body re-modeling I talk in threes. I discuss the three D’s, Desire, Determination and Discipline. I also discuss the three E’s Eating, Energy and Exercise.  It is my strong opinion, that for successful weight management, neither of the pairs of  three can be lacking.

What does that have to do with the article. Plenty. In the case of the three E’s it tends to prove my point. Perhaps U.S. Citizens are exercising more, perhaps they have the proper mental energy and are committed,  but they aren’t following a proper eating plan, the result is failure.

We are bombarded by so-called experts, the government and of course the most reliable of information sources, commercials, that we need to reduce the amount of fat we take in if we are to be healthy. Fat, in all forms, is the great evil that is making Americans …  fat.

So the low-fat food industry was born. Have you ever taken note of a low-fat food label? Compare it with its full fat brethren. More times than not you will notice something very interesting. The fat is replaced by carbohydrates, more specifically sugar.

I get the biggest kick out of candy products that are labeled as either low-fat or non fat foods. It is quite enticing to the low-fat followers,  they can eat all the garbage they can get their hands on, because the fat content is low.

What is the result of shoveling all this low-fat, high sugar, high carbohydrate foods into one’s mouth? Fat around the belly, buttocks and back.

I am proud of the fact that I have embraced a low carbohydrate lifestyle. I feel better, I work out better and according to my recent physical exam and blood work findings, I am better on the inside.

I follow pretty much a simple rule when it comes to food. With very few exceptions and on very few occasions, I follow the father of modern fitness, fellow Chiropractor, Jack LaLanne’s advice, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”

So,  if something is made or created in a factory or worse a laboratory… I don’t eat it. The more steps it takes to manufacture a food, the less likely I am to eat it.  The reverse is, the more closely I can find foods in nature, the more likely I am to eat them.

Another reason to avoid man-made foods is because you simply don’t know what you are getting. Read the box… sugar is hidden under many, many pseudonyms, food colorings and preservatives that escape pronunciation are abundant and fake flavoring are added to enhance palatability. Another interesting story on the MSNBC web site was concerning pre-packaged diet foods that may contain more or less than what the label reads. What you are not told, is that those nutritional contents are averages and can vary greatly from package to package. In essence, you are getting a crap shoot if you eat these pre-packaged foods. The best way to avoid the gamble, don’t eat them.

I don’t even bother with whole grains or whole cereals. They too are nothing more than processed foods.  In my lifetime, I haven’t seen many bread farms, pasta bushes or cereal trees. It takes many steps to get it from the field into the box and considering the loose labeling law guidelines — why bother?

I do consume carbohydrates. I stick to those found in nature and rarely do  consume starches. I keep my carbohydrates to almost any vegetable and fruits that have a low glycemic index.

My advice. Keep it as simple as possible; shop the perimeter of the grocery store, eat plenty of good proteins, get your fiber and carbs from mother nature in the forms of seasonal fruits and veggies,  shop local farmers if  you can, try to get organic and animal products that are fed healthy diets, eat grass-fed beef when you can find it, avoid processed foods as much as possible and keep any refined carbohydrates away from your reach.

Turn the food pyramid upside down or better yet, use it to house break your new puppy.

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