Do I diet on Thanksgiving? — HELL NO!!!!

{What I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss andfitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.}

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The Thanksgiving holiday is just over one week away. The diet experts will begin to rear their lollipop heads, sitting atop their scrawny stick bodies, telling us how to diet through the holiday.

A client me asked what I was going to eat on Thanksgiving.  I told her, the same things she should —- whatever I like.  I rarely use the word diet.  I eat what I eat. Generally, that means low carbohydrate and as many whole foods as possible.  Days that I don’t follow my usual feeding habits I consider open eating days.

In my book, Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss, I have outlined what Jimmy Moore coined,  “planned splurges.”  These are days that you predetermine to not be strict.  I make the holidays planned splurges.

Partaking, one day, every few weeks is not going to sabotage all your hard work.  We are the master’s of our meals.  Being the masters, we must be disciplined and plan.  Not for the holiday, but the day after.

1- Get rid of left-overs that are not part of your regular eating regiment. I know it is wasteful, but if you are a low carber like me, the potatoes, stuffing, pie and the like go in the trash.  If the bad stuff isn’t there, neither is the temptation.  If your family members aren’t watching what they eat and want the left overs, have them take the food with them.  If they live with you? Tough, they don’t get them either, toss them in the trash!!!

2- Plan the next days meals and snacks ahead of time. After a day of cooking, setting-up, feasting and cleaning, you many not be in the mood to prepare proper foods.  To alleviate this potential problem, have your foods  ready and in the fridge.

3- Weigh yourself the next day. Don’t get too hung up on the number because it will be up.  Yet, get on the scale.  The increased reading will keep you from making a one day splurge into a four-day food fest.

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4. Exercise.  I make sure to work out Thanksgiving morning before everyone gets up and then I make sure to exercise first thing Friday morning.  It is important to maintain our exercise routine. No excuses! No carbohydrate loaded laziness! Get off your butt and move.

Holidays are very food centric events.  The so-called experts will have you believe that you should not partake.  Here is the dirty little secret, you won’t be good.  Part of being human is enjoying food and company. In the U.S. this often goes hand in hand.  So, when you over-indulge, instead of  simply eating bad one day, you are now over-loaded with both food and guilt.

Remember, when you prepare ahead of time for the splurge and the day after, you will enjoy a guilt free holiday and most importantly, still get to shout; I was FAT THEN but I am FIT NOW.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Chiropractor, Doc Joe Leonardi