Enemies of the State of Health and Fitness

Over the next several Fridays I am going to list some people, entities, groups, organizations, etc. that I believe are a detriment to the battle against obesity.  You may agree, you may disagree. Please feel free to comment.



So without further adieu here are this weeks:


Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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Obviously I listen to the show and I have for years. I have a lot of respect for his accomplishment in the realm of radio. Rush Limbaugh, single-handedly saved AM radio. Like him or not, he is the reason talk radio, and talk television for that matter, exists and everyone who works in the industry owes him. With that said, Rush’s lazy mentality, when it comes to his health and fitness, is a detriment and a disservice to all who listen to him.

Rush’s weak will has been demonstrated time and again over the years. His weight has bounced up and down and he has had other issues. When he discusses weight loss he is way out of his realm. He claims to want to stir the pot. However, in a nation where obesity is on the rise at an alarming rate, wouldn’t it be better if one who has the media presence of Rush were to use it to actually help others. Limbaugh decries celebrities who use their status to push certain issues, yet he uses his celebrity and his long reach to spread health related misinformation.

I will tell you what El Rushbo, I will take a year off and exclusively whip you into shape. After one year, you will be talking a different tune.

L.A. Tarone

While on the talk radio genre I thought I would mention a local media personality. L.A. Tarone is a former newspaper writer, current  T.V. host at station WYLN and a fill in host at WILK news radio here in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre market.

I have met L.A. on an occasion or two. He interviewed me when I ran for congress.  I think he is a nice guy and he was an extremely fair interviewer.

After saying all those nice things you must be asking, why is he on the list? Well, today he was filling in for Sue Henry and blew his lid ranting about a possible new rule in Pennsylvania.  It seems the Board of Education is considering new rules that would limit parents to a single sweet treat at school parties and allow classrooms one birthday celebration per month.

Look, I don’t like the state getting involved in our day-to-day lives, but children are in schools about seven hours a day. It is the purpose of the schools to educate our children. So, what is the problem with teaching them how to eat properly? What is the problem with maybe instilling in them a little self-control?

Our education system has failed our children terribly when it comes to health and fitness. Gym classes have been reduced or cut, recess is out the window and school lunches are refined carbohydrate laden piles of slop.  Now the board of ed. actually steps up to the plate and attempts something positive and they are going to be dragged over the coals?

Tarone is a nice person, but he is a  scrawny, skinny little guy. He probably still fits into the same sized clothing he wore when he was a young man. Hell from what I have seen, it appears he is still wearing those same clothes.

L.A. Tarone is very knowledgeable on many subjects, but this isn’t one of them. Considering rise in the rate of childhood obesity — something needs to be done. We live in a country where young, preteen children are developing type II, adult onset, diabetes and hypertension.  If we don’t educate them in school, then where do we educate them?

L.A. if you would like to have a serious discussion on this topic please feel free to email me at FatThenFitNow@me.com.  I will be more than happy to come on any of your shows. I will be free in January.

The Fat Acceptance Movement

I have written previously about this misguided group. I am sorry, no not really,  but any group whose purpose is to change societal attitudes towards overweight or obese people is an enemy of the state of health and fitness. I do not believe that overweight people should be singled out for ridicule or discrimination, yet I don’t believe that we should discourage people from getting healthy and fit. That is exactly what this movement does!

It is of paramount importance that we act today to change the lifestyle habits of those who are obese.  Not solely  because of the burden on our health care system, but to give those people a better quality of life. There is no reason, as long as there is not an underlying condition, for anyone to be obese. It is a detriment to the person and it sets a bad example for our youth. Unfortunately, our youth are emulating the obese and they are on the way to a life limited by obesity.

There is a real possibility that for the first time life expectancy may actually decrease.

Is this really something we want to promote?

I don’t!


Who will be added to this undesirable  list? Log on next week to find out who are The Enemies of the State of Health and Fitness.


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