Weight loss drugs? Weight loss surgery? WHY???

Weight loss drugs? Weight loss surgery? WHY?

Joe Leonardi

{To be clear what I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have an underlying medical condition.}

So you have decided that you no longer fancy being fat. You have been checked out and besides those extra pounds, you are relatively healthy and you don’t have any obesity causing condition. The time is now, you are going to cut up your charge card for the big and tall shop and you have canceled your plus sized catalogs. Now, the question is; “How do I go about getting rid of this excess weight?”

You think of the medical procedures that are out there. You could take prescription drugs or opt to have surgery, after all they all promise to be the cure.

Hmmm? Let’s think about it.

How many drugs have come on the market promising to be the panacea for the obesity epidemic? I’m not sure, but I do know there have been quite a few.

How many drugs have exited the market because of adverse side effects? I’m not sure of that either, but I do know there have been quite a few.

Why do you think that is? Because, we are looking for the quick fix and there are those in the pharmaceutical world looking to profit from our fatness. They spend millions on research because they know they will make billions “medicating” a condition that more than likely requires no such treatment. Yet, countless people will gladly dole out cash, write a check or go into debt for the medicinal miracle.

Eventually, when we discover that the drugs don’t work or worse they get pulled from the market because it is later revealed they cause more harm than good, modern medicine offers another hope —- surgery. Today, many hospitals now have a weight loss surgical department and for, in some cases,  up to $25,000 you can have your stomach stapled, banded or sewn down to accept only tiny portions.

And of course for those that take the short cuts and don’t rely on a fitness regiment, more profits are to be had by slicing excess skin and vacuuming out the extra fat that was not depleted via proper diet and exercise.

I am honestly baffled at the risks folks will take for the short cut to weight loss.

Every medication has a side effect associated with it, some minor, some so severe that the FDA mandates removal from drugstore shelves.

Every surgery, even the most minor, has potential risks — from anesthesia complications, to post-op infections to dying on the table. That’s right DEATH. Honestly, is it worth it?

Is it really worth those risks, when losing weight and getting fit, in the absence of underlying medical conditions, is merely a matter of desire, determination and discipline? Have we, as a society, become so dependent on others that we no longer wish to take the appropriate actions ourselves?

The answer to our obesity epidemic is not going to be found at the bottom of a pill bottle, nor at the end of a scalpel. The resolution must come from within.

Losing weight and getting fit are easy to do. Trust me, I was there. I tipped the scale at 340 ponderous, pachydermian pounds. I didn’t medicate myself to lose weight and after complications from a supposed routine tonsillectomy; you better believe that it is going to have to be a life saving surgery before I let someone cut me open again.

So I ask again. Why side-effect laden drugs? Why risky surgery? Why not rely on yourself?

You CAN do it!

You WILL do it!

In the process, instead of simply losing weight, you will gain health!