Lazy Limbaugh

I just listened to the part of another Rush Limbaugh anti-exercise rant. So either he is  lazy, or just plain afraid of getting hurt. Either way his excuses are pretty lame, kind of like a toddler.

Exercise, done properly, utilizing correct technique, pre and post warm up and warm down and appropriate care of the occasional minor injury is not going to cause an noticeable increase in injury.

Being out of shape, old reclining Rush would be more apt to injure himself golfing. If he would condition himself the risk of injury from his only athletic endeavor would decrease.

I will update this more later, but if Rush would like, I would be more than happy to show him how to exercise and turn his less weighty, yet equally flabby body.

Joe Leonardi

Pants that fit snug in March of 2008

Found these pants behind the door in my office. They fit snug back in March of 2008!

me and my old pants

me and my old pants 2