2011: A New Year, A New You, A Fit You!

{What I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.}

The old year is just about over.   The year-end retrospectives are all over the place. From blogs, to radio, to newspapers, to newscasts all are talking about the year that was.

My attitude is don’t look back:

2010 is gone!

Was it a bad year?

Was it a good year?


When it comes to your health and fitness, look only ahead.  Come up with a plan, set your sights on a new you and then go about making it happen.

Arm yourself with the most up-to-date information. I suggest the following blogs:

Livin La Vida Low Carb

My Low Carb Journey

Carbohydrates Can Kill

the following books:

Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health

Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss

Going Against the Grain: How Reducing and Avoiding Grains Can Revitalize Your Health

and the following organizations:

The Metabolism Society

The Weston A. Price Foundation

Take charge; no more excuses, no more blaming others and no more living an unhealthy lifestyle.  Take control of the only person you actually have any control over, the person that stares back at you in the mirror.

You can control what you eat!

You can control your level of fitness!

You can control how much you exercise!

You will make the 2011 version of you healthier.

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions. The old expression; resolutions are made to be broken usually rings true.  So, instead of mindless and pointless resolutions, I set goals.  One year is a manageable span of time and I set goals for the year and intervals throughout.  I write them down and as I accomplish each I mark it off my list.

Is you goal to get fit?

Is your goal to lose weight?

Is your goal to be a physically better you?

If the above are some of your goals, then, set your mind to positive, properly fuel your body, exercise to remodel you physique and have a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Yours in good health and fitness,

Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi

Author:  Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss.

“The older you get the fatter you get.” What a Crock of B.S.

Today on the radio I heard a commercial for yet another weight loss without effort product. Accuracy be dammed. The commercial was full of standard pseudo-scientific hokum designed to separate one from their cash that I typically ignore. However, there was one quote that got my attention.

One quote that preyed upon the fears of many people.
One quote that I know to be patently absurd, but I also know people will believe.
One quote that many use as an excuse for allowing their bodies to degrade and become burden’s on our nation’s health-care system.

What is that quote?

“The older you get the fatter you get.”

My attention was caught.
My concentration was brought to the radio.
My Sicilian blood boiled as anger fueled seething rage.

This load of garbage was being affirmed as if it were simply a fact.

This myth was being utilized to sell hopeful, distraught persons a magical cure to the current epidemic of obesity.

This old wives tale was being broadcast over the trusted public airwaves to exploit a gullible and desperate listening audience.

The older you get the fatter you get is a simply stupid statement — don’t you believe it. Perhaps a more accurate proclamation might be the lazier you get the fatter you get.

As I have written in the past, unless there is an underlying medical cause, there is no reason, aging or any other, for one to become obese. Obesity is a result of poor eating habits and lack of proper exercise.

My experience has been, the older I am  the fitter I am. The truth is that people who follow my plan don’t believe any of the standard drivel that is being propagated. They are living proof that if you follow the FatThenFitNow.com plan getting fatter is not an option.

The problem with most of these weight reduction programs and products is that they are pushing the much desired fable of weight loss without effort. They will use the lazy desire to drop weight without changing eating or exercise habits to enhance their profits. If you were to believe their hype then you could eat to your heart’s content and have the body of Adonis or Athena. Well I myself, at one time or another, had tried almost every plan on the market. I am well aware that this is not the case. The only weight I did lose was in my wallet and bank account. The net effect, without embracing a fit lifestyle, was a rebound in weight and a more miserable existence.

Those who follow the FatThenFitnow.com plan understand that well-being is much more than just about the numbers on the scale. It is about overall good health and weight loss is a side effect of fitness.

preparation physical exercise

Image by cafe-lab via Flickr


To develop a good physique, to drop ugly disgusting body fat and to enjoy better health takes an investment. It is a combination of the threes.

The three D’s:




And the three E’s:




Don’t fall victim to the hype.

Don’t throw away hard-earned money.

Don’t ignore the old adage; “if it is too good to be true, it isn’t.”

I took control of my life, I can help others take control of theirs. I went from a disgusting 340 pound amorphous blob, to now possessing a fit physique. I exercise daily. I know longer fear an out-of-order elevator; I no longer walk by the booth at my favorite diner and I don’t need the seatbelt extender when I fly.

I shout loud and proud — I WAS FAT THEN, BUT I’M FIT NOW!

Be Positive You Will Beat Obesity and You Will

On my web site Fat Then Fit Now and in my writings I frequently mention the Three D’sDesireDetermination and Discipline as the keys to remodeling one’s body and recapturing one’s health. I have also written about the Three E’sEatingExercise and Energy. The Energy component being mental energy. Together these two triads are the keys to success in becoming a fit and healthy individual.

The D’s and E’s must be given equal effort to achieve our goal. While none of the Three D’s or E’s are more essential than the other, a lack of energy can cause you to falter and interfere with the triangles of support.

Energy is about our mindset. Our mental energy allows every other aspect to fall into place. If  mental energy is off kilter, it can adversely impact the other legs of the triangle, causing a complete, catastrophic collapse.

There really are only two types of energy; positive and negative. Each usually gives rise to one of two outcomes — positive energy produces positive results and negative energy equals negative results.

The rigors of  daily life can get in our way and before we know it our mental energy is being thrown out of balance. We may be doing everything else correctly, but our results aren’t what we expect.

What is going on?

What are we doing wrong?

It is then we must recall that all three must be equal to achieve the desired outcomes.

Recently, my mind and body were both tired and drained — I just didn’t know it. Although my eating and exercise were in line, my energy was off and I was not being as productive as I should  have been.

Key West (Southernmost Point) at sunset, 2007

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I was reminded of the battle between positive versus negative energy on a recent long weekend to Key West.

Five days of no news, no talk radio (I am a huge talk radio junkie), no business worries and in general no negative influences really recharged my mental batteries. Just being in Florida compared to Northeast Pennsylvania there is a palpable difference in attitude. The sunshine, warm temperatures and proximity to the ocean allow a variety of outdoor activities. It was my experience and conclusion that people there, even in tough economic times, have a much more positive outlook on life. That positive vibe rubs off on everyone who is there.

When I returned to Pennsylvania this renewed energy translated into some of the best workouts I have had in months. I attacked the weights with vim and vigor, relishing the feel of cold iron in the palms of my hands.

The exercises were the same, but the poundage was a little heavier and the pace a little quicker — I was having fun.

This simple, yet noticeable, difference in my workouts has made me re-aware of the influence of energy. I have taken steps to ensure that my energy remains positive.

I make sure to start my day with a smile.

I have resolved to no longer to complain.

I shrug off the mundane, minor, miniscule annoyances that tend to degrade my disposition.

I have also stopped listening to so much talk radio, especially the afternoon drive talk show on local station WILK newsradio, and reading too in-depth into the news. I scan the paper and if I feel something is important, I will delve deeper into the subject.  I am no longer obsessed with each bit of minutia that is being reported. I discovered on my long weekend, that by not reading the paper, not watching the news, nor listening to talk radio — nothing changed. My being aware had absolutely zero influence.

I now strive to make each day full of positive energy.  When someone complains, I smile and make an excuse to remove myself from the conversation. If negative thoughts enter my head, I think about all I have that is good. If I start to feel sorry for myself, I remember my trips to places like the Philippines and force myself to realize how good my life is.

Energy must be positive. I am not saying we are never going to get down. I am not saying we should never get upset. There are real life issues that will influence our mood. However, we can change so much just by changing our attitude and outlook. It takes just as much effort to smile and say hello as it does to look away and grunt, but the result of a smile is much more positive, not only for one’s self, but on the person on the receiving end.

We must ask ourselves; Will worrying about something change it? Will losing sleep change it? Will not working out change it? Will overeating change it? In all likelihood all of the above will only be more deleterious to the situation and our health.

When possible, cut out negative influences, don’t become obsessed and worried about what you have little control over. Remember when it comes to controlling elements around us, we really can’t.

We can’t control the weather, world affairs or other people, however, we can control how we react. We can choose the manner in which we respond.

I tell all of  my clients that the only thing they can control is what they put into their bodies and the amount of exercise they put out. I also tell them the only person they can control is the one that stares back at them from the mirror.

We can be positive or we can be negative — the choice is ours —  the results are obvious.

Rush Limbaugh; A Fountain of Fitness Mis-information

{What I am about to write does not apply to those with an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I advise anyone embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan to have a thorough medical evaluation. You want to be sure that you are physically able to exercise and you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.}

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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Once again, the formerly fat radio windbag Rush Limbaugh, I’m going to assume he has kept off the weight he lost last year.  I haven’t seen any pictures since his wedding photos were release and old Rushbo looked kind of chunky then. Either way, one thing that hasn’t changed, fat still remains lodged in his brain, at least when it comes to genuine health and fitness information.

Limbaugh started his show today discussing some nutrition professor from the midwest who went on a snack food diet. To summarize, this academic, decided to test a hypothesis that it doesn’t matter what you eat, it is just about total calories and caloric deficit.

I don’t think anyone in health care, or those like myself who promote weight loss and fitness, would argue that a caloric deficit will cause weight loss. It does. However, why the hell would anyone want to get by on a meager 1800 calories a day? And honestly, why would anyone want to eat chemically enhanced sugary stuff all day?

Furthermore, Rush claimed the guy did not exercise much. Well looking at the class room lecturer’s  picture, that is kind of obvious.

So,  once again, Rush Limbaugh, radio talk-jock extraordinaire, is attempting to branch out from being a radio entertainer and  trying to discuss a topic beyond his intellect.

The referenced academic has demonstrated some short-term results and benefits over something like two months.  I discuss my improvements in blood work and vital signs over an eighteen month period, not a month or two. Also, I conquered genuine obesity. I started off weighing in at over 340 pounds. Dropping a few pounds, on a short time calorie restricted diet, really isn’t much to crow about.

Anyone with any intellectual honesty is not going to promote a snack food diet as a healthy way of life. Shoveling junk into one’s gullet is not going to provide for a fit and healthy body.

Jack LaLanne receives a Lifetime Achievement A...

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Common sense and true fathers of fitness are prime examples. Bernarr McFadden lived into his 80’s without ever seeing a doctor. Jack LaLanne is still out promoting fitness in his 90’s. Those who have dedicated themselves to a life of health and fitness may live longer, but what is more important is that they live better.

Yes you can lose weight without exercise. Yes you can lose weight via limiting caloric intake. However, will you be healthier? Will you be more fit?

Do I really need to answer? Okay, I will. NO!

Think of the pure junk you are introducing into your body every time you ingest a snack food. Read the label. Try reading it out loud and see if you can pronounce the garbage with which you are polluting yourself.

The lazy among us desperately try to take exercise out of the equation. They suggest that simply losing weight is enough. Dropping poundage is a start, but if you want to genuinely improve your health, it is not the sole portion of the equation. Exercise,  both progressive resistance and endurance, must be part of your daily life.

What concerns me most about Limbaugh, is that his misinformation will be spread to many who take what this radio hosts says as gospel. We are desperately trying to reach obese adults and children and trying to save their lives. To give them an improved quality of life. Yet, with Limbaugh’s reach more can be harmed in one segment of his show via his misinformation.

Rush Limbaugh, bloviating buffoon that he is,  claims he likes to stir the conventional wisdom pot and then claim to be right. Well the fact is that he is wrong. Rush claims weight loss is influenced only by what you eat and exercise is irrelevant. Again, you can just lose weight, but you will not reach optimal health and wellness.  You will not make long term changes to your weight.  You won’t achieve a fit human form.

Rush claims that us on the low carb diets eat less because we lose our appetite. I’ve got news for big Rush. I don’t eat any less than I did when I started my journey. I eat five to six times a day and not what one would consider smaller portions. It is the physiologic effect that allowed me to lose wieght and it is the physiologic effect that allows me to remain fit. My appetite is not suppressed in the least.

Rush’s up and down battle with obesity is a clear demonstration of what happens when you omit the exercise portion of the equation.

So, will just cutting calories cause weight loss? Yep, you will drop weight and if you started off obese as Rush or myself, then you will look like a thinner unfit Rush Limbaugh — If I were gonna look like the thinner Rush Limbaugh, I would rather stay fat!

The low carb journey podcast episode 7 featuring; Dr. Joe Leonardi

I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on Hank Garner’s podcast over at My Low Carb Journey.  I invite you to listen and check out Hank’s fantastic site.



Podcast: More on Childhood Obesity

In today’s Podcast, Chiropractor Doc Joe Leonardi, once again discusses childhood obesity.  He talks about Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama.  He notes prominet low carb people Gary Taubes, Jimmy Moore, Hank Garner and Dr. Robert Su.

He also covers political leaders he plans to contact next year, names include Governor Tom Corbett, Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and Congressman Lou Barletta.

Click the link to listen:  Podcast #21 More on Childhood Obesity

The Gym; Church For Your Physical Well Being

If the Church is the place for your spiritual well-being, then the gym can be your place for physical well-being.

In the gym, the sweat from your efforts are the cleansing waters of a baptism. The grunts and groans of effort are the hallelujahs of rejoicement.  And the clanging and banging of iron weights are the rhythmic chants of uplifting hymns.

There are those who claim you should not sweat, that sounds of effort should never escape your mouth and weights that are so heavy to elicit noise should not be hefted.

If you read my book, you will learn what I say to those who espouse moderation, it is my same answer to those who decry genuine effort. Instead of claiming the strain of others are a distraction;  feed off of their energy and strengthen your resolve from their struggle. You would also be surprised to discover, that those who put out hardcore effort, are often the first to help those who truly want to learn and improve themselves.

Zulfiya Chinshanlo World Champion 2009 53kg cl...

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I have been lifting weights on and off since I twelve. I will never forget the day my Mom and Dad purchased my first weightlifting set from Sears. I hurriedly opened the box.  The contents were 110 pounds of plastic covered cement and a short iron barbell with the plastic sleeves. I was in heaven, it was that day I began pumping plastic. A few years later, I graduated to a commercial gym, and it was there that I discovered the meaning of the phrase, pumping iron!

To me, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as the smell, noise and energy of a true weightlifting gym. I am brought to life by the clanging and banging of the iron, the grunts and groans that pass the lips of men and women as they try to blast out those last few muscle-building reps. It is cathartic, motivating and uplifting all at the same time.

I’m not sure if it is just me, but their seems to be an effort afoot to stop hard training, to cap enthusiasm and stifle the travails it takes to get real results. About a year ago, I was finishing up what was, to that point, a great workout. I was working two large opposing muscle groups; chest and back.  I was on my last of 36 sets, super-setting decline flyes with dead-lifts. I only had about 225 on the bar, but as we all know, the dead-lift is a brutal exercise, more so when done last and even more so when done as part of a superset. Well, I was brining the iron  down to the floor with some good old fashion banging. The sound of the weights against the rubber mat ramped my adrenaline causing a release of energy to explode me upright.  At the top position, my dead stop caused the weights to shake and there was the clanging.  Like a piston of a high revving engine,  I was rapidly moving up and down. Upon completion of the last set I re-racked the weight. I was soaked in sweat and my grip was almost completely shot; the bar slipped and the weights came crashing down onto the rack.

Gasping for breath I stood up tall, full of self-pride. I just completed three  more reps than I did last workout. Then it happened — the person next to me muttered under their breath, Jesus Christ.”

I paused, unable to believe what I just heard. I thought to myself;  you have to be kidding. I wanted to shout “THIS IS A GYM!” Of course, my parents raised me with manners, so I walked over and apologized. This person did not even acknowledge my apology. So, I edged a little closer and said it a bit louder. Finally, the person reluctantly accepted.

I was so ticked off that to burn off the excess energy, I did six more sets, three more supersets of machine benches and bent over rows. I noticed the mutterer was talking to someone else and when I was done with my sixth set, the person finally went and did another set. I wanted to yell again, “MAYBE IF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY PUT SOME ACTUAL EFFORT INTO YOUR  WORK OUT YOU MIGHT LOOK A LITTLE DIFFERENT THAN YOU DID A YEAR AGO!” But damn my parents raising me to be polite. I just stripped the bar, something this person did NOT do, looked over and said, “good-bye.”

Honestly, is it just me?

When I go to workout I am there to WORKout.

I don’t sit around for 10 minutes between sets, I move from exercise to exercise only pausing long enough to change the weight. I try to be considerate:  I place a towel down on the benches,  I allow people to work in, I always lift under control, I rarely drop a weight, I respect the equipment, I strip every bar and every machine, I replace the weights back to the stacks, I put the dumbells back in their appropriate place on the rack and, I even put them in order if someone else didn’t.

So, am I out of line to workout so hard that iron weights ring aloud?

Am I incorrect to push a set to failure that on occasion the weight slips?

Is pushing one self passé?

Is brutal, barbaric,muscle bombing defunct?

Is old school clanging and banging dead?

Please, say it ain’t so!


Never stop sweating!

Never stop grunting!

Never, ever stop clanging and banging!

Frederick Winters during 1904 Summer Olympics

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Paperback version of Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss is available

Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss is available in paperback.

Do you now someone suffering from obesity?

Do you know someone who is pre-diabetic?

Are you diabetic?

Are you unfit?

Is 2011  the year you will lose weight and get in shape?   If so, succeed with good eating, exercise and mental energy.  For under $10.00 order your copy of Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss today and have it in time for the New Year.

Written by Chiropractor Doc Joe Leonardi, who has been called his generation’s Bernarr McFadden, a formerly morbidly obese individual,  he beat back obesity and in this book  he will show you how you too will win.

Don’t allow previous failure, inane food guides, government misinformation or bad habits get in your way of taking control of your health.

Diet drugs are expensive and have many dangerous side effects.  Doc Joe’s book is under $10.00.  Isn’t your health worth a sawbuck?

Gastric surgeries all have potential risks, including death.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to read and implement Doc Leonardi’s easy to follow eating and exercise plan instead of going under the knife.

Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss is a self-help, weight-loss and fitness book like no other.

There are a multitude of diet books on the market, and probably darn near as many exercise books. What makes this one different?   It skips long-winded, over complicated, medical jargon and scientific gobbledygook.  This book is conversational, not pretentious or unnecessarily technical.  It uncomplicates diet and exercise and gives you the tools to reach your goals.

Don’t live over-weight and unfit another day.  Click the link below and order your copy today.

Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss made low carb internet guru Jimmy Moore’s top 10 must read heath books of 2010.  Read a snippet of Jimmy has to say about Fat Then Fit Now; A life beyond weight loss:
Dr. Leonardi is an energetic man now, but he hasn’t always been that way. Once weighing in at a robust 340 “unhealthy, unfit pounds” as he describes it, today he’s a changed man. He shares how despite his love for weight lifting he allowed himself to get out of control nutritionally. And you won’t find any finger pointing in this book because Dr. Leonardi takes full responsibility for how he got to be so fat in his life. He describes this as the “secret” to making this happen for yourself. The power to bring about change is in YOUR hands and here’s how Joe puts it: “It is not difficult at all to lose weight; however, it takes discipline, desire and determination. You must make it happen. You must change your lifestyle.” If you think anybody else is gonna do it for you, then don’t bother getting Fat Then, Fit Now. But if you’re ready for some tough love that will earnestly help you transform your life without all the “long-winded, over complicated, medical jargon,” then this is INDEED the book for you!

Why wait another minute, day or month.  Go to

https://www.createspace.com/3480552 and order your copy now.

Recent Interview posted at My Low Carb Journey

Hi Everyone,

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Hank Garner of My Low Carb Journey website.

Hank’s site is loaded with great information about the low carb experience. I highly recommend it.

Here is the link to my interview I did with Hank.